Pizza Hut WILL Make The Middle East Fat With Cheeseburger Stuffed Pizza Crust

Someone at Pizza Hut really likes to find new ways of jamming bad food inside of other bad food: First, they put hot dogs in their pizza crust in the UK; now, they’re making chicken strip and cheeseburger stuffed pizza crust at Middle Eastern locations. And they’re calling it…wait for it…”Crown Crust Festival.”

Their “most royal pizza ever” is basically a combination of all types of American fast food—something that the Middle East hardly needs more of, judging by some countries’ rapidly growing struggles with obesity and related health problems. (Pop quiz: What’s the richest, fattest nation on Earth? Quatar—a place where half of adults and a third of children are obese…and counting, thanks to the prevalence of junk food like Pizza Hut.

But let’s be honest: You don’t need world health statistics—or even nutrition facts—to know that putting an entire fast food meal inside the crust of another entire fast food meal is completely and utterly disgusting. Just look at these photos, posted to Pizza Hut Middle East‘s Facebook page:

Photos: Pizza Hut

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