‘Without Makeup’ Is The New Baby Bump For Celebrities


Remember when the hottest Hollywood accessory was a gestating baby? Well move over, fetuses—the latest paparazzi catnip is mascara-free lashes and unpainted lips. If ‘jumped the shark’ is a thing we say anymore, then the ‘celebs without makeup‘ thing has definitely jumped the shark.

I can tell you precisely when it happened: 7 days ago. That’s when famous lady Kris Jenner tweeted a picture of her daughter, famous lady Kim Kardashian, sleeping without makeup! While I like the idea that the only time Kardashian can be caught without makeup is while sleeping, taking a picture of your daughter sleeping and then putting it on the Internet is kind of a creepo thing to do.

Kim Kardashian Sleeping Without Makeup

Whooosh. (that’s the sound of the celebs-without-makeup thing soaring over that shark)

We can assume, however, that Jenner was doing it in response to the approximately 6.3 hundred other celebrities tweeting pictures of their makeup-free selves. There was Vanessa Lachey, pregnant wife of former Mr. Jessica Simpson, at the beginning of April—makeup free and eating Pirates Booty. There was Demi Lovato— tweeting about it later that week. Jennifer Love Hewitt did it. Disney teen Zendaya (who is 15) did it. A British famous lady did itSnookie did it in January (on facebook,) with the caption “no make up today, and IDC…”. Kim Kardashian herself did it in February. Lady Gaga did it in March. Rihanna did it yesterday.

I think the idea is that this is somehow empowering—natural beauty, blah blah—but it ultimately just seems kind of vain. Nobody actually looks bad in these photos. They look like less-tarted-up versions of their usual (young, pretty) selves. Whatever the self-tweeted without makeup! Instagram might be trying to say, what it says is ”Look at me—I’m so beautiful I don’t need makeup.” 

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    • Geraldine

      I think that although it might just be them showing off that they are cute, it is kind of useful – in that it steps away from the illusion that to be beautiful in the eyes of society and men and ourselves, we have to look perfect.

      If the people we put on a pedestal of beauty are always perfect all of the time, then that says that looking like that = beauty. If we can see them as all natural, without plush eyelashes and glowing cheek bones, and still know that they are considered really beautiful, then it changes the standard of beauty, so that when I look in the mirror in the morning, I can be like, oh it’s okay – this is what humans, even very beautiful humans, look like without help.

      PLUS my boyfriend gets to see that nobody looks that good all of the time, which makes me more comfortable without mascara.