Smoke Pot, Do Yoga: This Could Totally Be Your Path To Enlightenment

When most yoga teachers tell us to inhale deeply and then exhale and “let it all out”, we don’t think they are instructing us to do so with pot. But if you ask Liz McDonald, owner of  Brazilian Yoga and Pilates in Los Angeles, getting high before yoga class is like, totally, the hippest way to go deep and get in touch with your body.

After moving to L.A. from Brazil a few years ago, McDonald noticed that some of her private clients took a few puffs of marijuana before practicing yoga, so she decided to create a class for just that.

Called 420 Yoga, the class description reads:

Relax “naturally” with a mixed level deeply stretchy Slow Flow Yoga class that encourages you to inhale. Set to a dope playlist, arrive early and sip tea in the courtyard.

McDonald further describes it as “a gathering of creative minds, a very non-judgmental place where all are welcome,” she told the LA Times. “Do I really want a couple of uptight conservatives in here? Ideally no, but… my business welcomes all types of people, especially those tight-asses that may need it most!”

So to loosen up those tight asses, students are encouraged to light up prior to class–but not within the studio, of course. McDonald is careful to say that she just offers tea to her students. If you want to get high, you have to do that on your own. (Visualize: a yoga mat in one hand and a joint in the other, talking about all things love and peace.) And remember, this is L.A. we’re talking about, so scoring some pot is likely pretty easy.

Would you get high before you fly in Kite Pose? Take a look at The Daily’s video and decide for yourself. Just be prepared for the munchies mid-Vinyasa.






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