Bethenny Frankel Imagines What Taking Diet Pills Feels Like

You may know that Bethenny Frankel, queen of Housewives and diet products, wrote a book recently. Titled “Skinnydipping,” it not only bears the same qualifier as all products born of her business empire, but it also appears to hit the topics of weight loss and dieting pretty hard, based on the excerpts released by Daily Beast.

Our favorite is this excerpt, taken from page 91, about diet pills:

The next week, I felt better than I had in years. I’d lost five pounds and Perry had lost three. I was more tired and wired, especially from the herbal diet pills I was taking. They got me wound up and feeling a little bit high, but they killed my appetite. I felt thinner and more free because I was so much more in control of what I was eating (which was, essentially, nothing).

Some surmise that the book is semi-autobiographical; what with the main character’s trajectory going from failed actress to housewife, it doesn’t seem outlandish. But she’s never confirmed taking diet pills; only joked about snorting them while claiming to be naturally thin. But based on our extensive knowledge via Saved By The Bell, her description sounds reasonably accurate (and tied up in disordered eating psychosis).

What do you think–have you ever taken diet pills? Are her descriptions accurate?

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    • Nancy

      I think Jessie took caffeine pills to stay awake, not diet pills ;)