Morning Links: How A Kentucky Derby Jockey Stays Fit

• Got a thing for Kentucky Derby jockeys? Check out how this one stays fit. (Q by Equinox)

• We’re not getting paid to shill for them, but Whole Foods’ new program for Chicken Welfare is awesome. (The Whole Story)

• If surviving cancer wasn’t enough, this woman is also planning to do 50 triathlons by age 50. (HuffPost Healthy Living)

• How bad is BPA for your body, really? (Organic Authority)

• Here’s one you’ve never heard of: Snatiation – a condition that causes sneezing upon satiation. (The Hairpin)

• Dairy and fast food are getting more popular in India…and doing bad things to the Indian diet. (PCRM)

• 7 quinquagenarians who prove fitness is the fountain of youth. (Well & Good)

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