Screw Lemon—Let’s Clean With Vodka

vodka bottle tops

I was reading an article on ‘eco-friendly laundry tips’ this morning (yep) when I came across this gem: To quickly freshen clothes in between washings, spray them with a 50/50 mixture of water and vodka. Vodka? I’ve heard of a lot of green-cleaning alternatives in my time, but vodka is a new one. Which got me wondering … what other types of household chores could use a little Popoff or Absolut? Turns out, quite a few.

A quick search for “cleaning with vodka” reveals a slew of articles and blog posts on the topic; instructional YouTube videos; and even a website One of the best reasons to use vodka for household chores is that, unlike many commercial cleaning supplies, it won’t leach toxins and VOCs into your home and air. It can also be cheaper than buying lots of specialized cleaning products (obviously, you want to use the bottom-shelf brands). To some of you, this might seem like an affront to perfectly good booze, and I sympathize—but you could always institute a ‘one for me, one for my window cleaner’ shot policy. I’m not a vodka gal myself, but just saying.

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    • Matt

      I’ve used vodka for years to clean my computer/laptop screens. I don’t use much – enough to slightly (very slightly) moisten a bit of a paper towel. (Probably less than a teaspoon) and wipe it all over the screen. let it evaporate.

      • Elizabeth Nolan Brown

        ooh. thanks for the tip! I clean my laptop keyboard way, way less than I should.

    • Wanda

      I use PGA to clean, as it has a more concentrated alcohol content that vodka, which has been watered down. Basically, armed with only PGA and vinegar, I can make my house sparkle! Hooray for eco-friendly cleaning products!