Crazy Expensive Cellulite Treatment Approved; Here Are 5 Better, Cheaper Solutions

Good news if you have cellulite that you want to get rid of: The Food and Drug Administration just approved a new laser treatment, Cellulaze, which is being hailed as THE solution for those uninvited fat deposits on our butts and thighs. Bad news: It costs $6,500.

But not to worry, those lumpy, bumpy areas of skin that often resemble cottage cheese can be minimized in other, cheaper ways. Or not at all–we, of course, think you’re beautiful just the way you are.

But, if you want to feel better about your skin, we’re big fans of more natural approaches, so here are some better–and cheaper–ways to minimize those unwanted pockets of fat:



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    • Maureen C.

      velashape is a slightly cheaper alternative, though still a bit pricey! pro: the treatment feels great! like a gently heated massage.