Meatless Monday: 20 Ways To Make Quinoa At Every Meal (and Dessert!)

Quinoa is a great source of vegetarian protein and easy to make, but like any plain grain, it gets boring in a hurry if you don’t find some interesting ways to spice it up. Fortunately, quinoa is so versatile that you could literally eat it at every meal—breakfast, lunch, dinner…and yes, even dessert. You just need a few good recipes.

We found 20, to help you get more of this meat-free complete protein into your diet, sans boredom:

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    • Laura

      #13 looks great, but there’s no link or anything.

    • Alyssa @ Queen of Quinoa

      I love all things quinoa! My blog, Queen of Quinoa, focuses on fun and creative ways to use this amazing superfood. Love all these recipes – they sound delicious!

    • Jessica

      I agree with Laura! What is the recipe?