Morning Links: Anna Paquin Says Enlightened Things About Being Bisexual

• Anna Paquin says more enlightening things about being bisexual. (YourTango)

• In fitness, sweating = awesome; really stinking < awesome. Here’s what to do if you can’t deal. (FitVillains)

• 15 take-to-work vegan lunches. (FitSugar)

• If honey’s bee vomit, what’s honeycomb? (And can vegans eat it?) (Organic Authority)

• What women think your weight says about you…matters because? (HuffPost Women)

• Treadmill desks: nice in theory, but can you really walk and work? (NPR Shots)

• Bust boredom with these healthy burger ideas. (Fit Bottomed Mamas)

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