Daily Mail, Fox Bash Hillary Clinton For Going Makeup Free While Discussing Iranian Nukes

Hillary Clinton “forgets her makeup?” That’s the headline of a Fox News article echoing a Daily Mail article about Clinton’s “tired and withdrawn appearance” during a business trip to China, Bangladesh and India. Because heaven forbid our Secretary of State have more important things to worry about than makeup

Poor Clinton has received criticism of her appearance since she was First Lady, of course, and the sexist coverage of her 2008 presidential bid was often astonishing. It’s not like this is anything new. And it’s not like I expect high journalistic standards from either the Mail or Fox News. Still, I think the offensiveness of these particular articles bears pointing out …

It’s not just that female politicians receive way more appearance scrutiny and comment than their male counterparts (though that’s certainly an offense-worthy issue). It’s the suggestion that she forgot her makeup, instead of just not giving a damn about under-eye circles while she’s out out discussing matters like Iranian oil imports and nuclear weapons programs.

It’s the language that implies wearing makeup is an obligation for females—even ones in the highest echelons of the United States government—instead of a choice.

It’s the fact that Clinton’s press conference announcement that she doesn’t plan on any future White House bids is buried nine paragraphs deep, following speculation about the reason she may be wearing dark sunglasses while traveling and a jab at her “once-gaudy coloured trouser suits and scrunchie combinations.” And that the reasons for her trip—things like urging India to reduce its reliance on Iranian oil, strengthening relations with Bangladesh, and discussing human rights violations in China—come even further down than that.

And by the way, I know this is SO SO SO NOT THE POINT, but … am I the only who thinks that—aside from the fact that the photographer has caught her mid-talking in the above photo—Clinton looks really lovely here?

UPDATE: Hillary Responds to No-Makeup Headlines in CNN Interview

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    • Hillary Supporter

      No – you’re not the only one who thinks she looks just fine. This criticism of Hillary is sexist and we women need to see it for what it is. Fox News apparently supports the idea that women should always look young and beautiful (read sexually appealing) and when they are no longer either, they need to pile on the make-up to simulate the look. We need to somehow get past women as sex objects and focus instead on their contributions. And there aren’t too many women who symbolize contribution as well as Hillary Clinton. Kudos for her!

      • Maggie

        I couldn’t agree more! These “journalists” seem to think that a female politicians’ appearance directly affects her abilities as a politician. Newsflash, it doesn’t! Just because she’s not wearing mascara doesn’t mean she’s any less of the kick ass woman she is. I wish Fox News would shut up.

    • SJ

      Great article! Agree with you 100%. And yes, she does indeed look lovely here.

    • Eileen

      My first thought: She’s clearly wearing makeup! Either that or she’s popping raspberries by the handful, because that’s not the natural color of her lips…

      Gah, female politicians can’t win. Either they “need to take pride in their appearance” because they aren’t pretty enough or they’re “Barbies” who can’t be taken seriously. (Remember the subject of the first Tina-Fey-as-Sarah-Palin sketch?) It sucks.

      • Elizabeth Nolan Brown

        Ha, yeah, I almost said something about the fact that she’s clearly wearing lipstick. But far be it for apparent facts to deter the Daily Mail once it’s settled on a woman-shaming editorial angle …

    • Maliengus

      Dear FOX “news” — grow up

    • rachel

      Fox News correspondents just be jealy of her amazing skin (like I am).

    • Tahera Rashid

      Very obviously the journalist either does not wear contact lens, nor knows about jet lag from long flights. Typically, a flight from Washington DC to Beijing would cause jet lag for at least five days. By her own admission, Hillary Clinton confesses to pressing her nails into her palms to keep from falling asleep from jet lag. My hats off to her for enduring jet lag for at least half the month on a regular basis.

    • Linda

      She’s obviously wearing make-up in the photo above. Since alot of you readers think the new no-make-up look is good, then publish her photo WITHOUT make-up.

    • M’lou Arnett

      I have never been a Hillary fan, but I really can’t abide the constant woman bashing on appearance. For pete’s sake, we could really tear some of the male members of Congress to shreds. Let’s focus on substance!