That Girl: Meet Rachel Redlands, A Weight-Lifting Inspiration For All Moms

In honor of Mother’s Day coming up, this week on That Girl we are celebrating Rachel Redlands, the owner of Fit Mom’s Blog, an inspiring blog that encourages other moms to get healthy, get fit and maybe just kick some ass along the way! Take a look at Rachel, who is a 40-year-old mother of two and doing some pretty amazing things with her body:


Rachel Redlands

40 years old

Physical Education & Yoga Teacher, CrossFit

My blog is called Fit Mom’s Blog, established in 2007, as a way of connecting with other new moms who were also interested in getting fit post baby. I have made every fitness and food mistake in the book and have shared my journey with my readers. I hope I can inspire other moms to make the fitness journey- to get their first pull-up and to lift heavy barbells regularly.

Fitness/health accomplishment you are most proud of:

Eliminating gluten from my diet! And, the fact that I just did a 108 pound Snatch as of Friday, May 3rd.

What inspires you to get fit every day?

I really do love to lift weights now, but I didn’t use to–I was a marathon runner and a competitive cyclist in my early years. I am motivated each time I go to the gym to lift a little more than last time. Just five pounds more is a high-five for me.

What do you do when you don’t feel like working out?

Sometimes, I listen and rest. However, if it’s just “I don’t feel like working out”, then, I suck it up and go do it. I always feel better later. Although, I’ve learned that I need to be prepared to do that work at the designated time- meaning that eating and drinking appropriately will negatively or positively impact my results.

Favorite energizing meal:

It doesn’t matter to me as long as it’s healthy, clean and tasty. My quickest meals are grilled chicken with zucchini and asparagus on the grill.

What’s your favorite way to chill post-workout?

If there is time, I’d prefer an Epsom salt bath with a mug of hot chamomile tea.

What is your top kick-ass workout?

My current goal is to complete 21 95 pound Snatches and 21 Perfect Muscle Ups (I can do a muscle up now, however it needs lots of perfecting) and this would be a kick ass workout if I was able to perform it as prescribed!

Where is your favorite/most unique place you’ve ever exercised?

My husband and I have bicycled all over Tuscany!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned through sports?

The things that make me the happiest are lifting heavy weights while keeping my head down and NOT comparing myself to anyone else. Make and keep yourself accountable by setting small goals known only to yourself and to take steps towards those goals every day.

Photo: courtesy of Rachel Redlands


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