Eat More Yogurt…It Could Boost Your Sex Drive

Yes, we all know that yogurt is good for our bodies–it can aid in our digestive health, bone health, muscle growth and immune system. But did you know it may also boost your libido? At least that’s what a study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found. Who knew, right?

Using 40 male and 40 female mice, the research team was originally studying the link between eating yogurt and obesity. The mice were fed with either a high-fat, low-nutrient diet, a diet more typical of rodents, or one which included vanilla-flavored yogurt.

What the researchers found surprised them. Apparently, the yogurt-eating mice got a nice boost to their sex drive. The male mice developed testicles that were 5% heavier than mice that ate the regular rodent food, and 15% heavier than mice that ate only high-fat  junk food. As a result, male mice were faster to inseminate females and had more babies than the other group. Female yogurt-eaters also had larger litters.

In addition (and this is the funny part), the yogurt seemed to give the mice a “swagger,” according to the researchers. This extra outward sexual confidence was attributed to the probiotic microbes contained in yogurt–the same good bacteria which aids digestion.

Cancer biologist, Susan Erdman, summarized it perfectly to

You know when someone’s at the top of their game, how they carry themselves differently? Well, imagine that in a mouse.

So does that mean boosting our libido is as simple as downing an extra carton or two of yogurt each day? Possibly, although we won’t know for sure until further research is done, so stay tuned. But it certainly makes a case for eating a healthy diet and how that diet can contribute to our overall well-being–in and out of the bedroom.




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