This Is How Much Sugar Is In Your ‘Healthy’ Breakfast

how much sugar is in healthy breakfast

Most of you probably know that soda contains sugar; there are plenty of astounding PSAs and photos drive home the point. But a lot of us frequently dine on foods that we think of as “healthy” that can be just as much of a sugar bomb, if not more. Case in point: breakfast. Even if you steer clear of donuts and pastries that are full of sugar (duh), and make what you think are pretty smart choices, many breakfast foods contain a load of sugar you didn’t know you were in for.

We picked a few common foods that seem like reasonably healthy breakfast choices; here’s how much sugar they really contain*:

*Inspired by New York’s clever anti-soda ads, we chose to use packets of sugar to demonstrate the sugar content of several foods. Each sugar packet contains 4 grams of sugar.

All photos: Our own

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    • DW

      A lot of the stuff you highlight has naturally occurring sugars from the dried, fresh and blended fruits. A small apple by itself has 15 grams of sugar. I’ll take that any day, though it may looks “scary” if you put sugar packets next to it. It’s all naturally occurring sugar. Added sugar is what is the problem with modern food products, not the naturally occurring kind.

      • Briana Rognlin

        Yeah, we’ve addressed that issue in a couple of other posts (see related links), but ALL of the products shown contain added sugars—even the ones that have naturally sweet ingredients like fruit (or fruit juice, puree, etc.). And even sugar that comes from fruits can spike your blood sugar, which can be a problem, depending on your body or health conditions.

    • paul haege

      Hi…I’m trying to get my kids to cut down on their sugar intake and have had success by telling them how many teaspoons of sugar there are in a fizzy drink(ie minimum 7 teaspoons)….is there a list of normal type foods such as apples, bananas,white breads, ice cream etc that I can show them how much sugar ie per teaspoon they contain….Thanks Paul