That Girl: Meet ‘Jungle Girl’ Tamara Jacobi

This week on That Girl we are so excited to share the story and inspiration of a true adventure girl, Tamara Jacobi. Not only is Tamara a health coach specializing in holistic nutrition, but she runs a true jungle lodge in Mexico and practices what she preaches (and then some!) by doing everything from stand-up paddleboard surfing to skiing to trail running to biking, and more! Take a look at the great inspiration and health tips that Tamara has to share, including her favorite green smoothie recipes and best workout routines:


Tamara Jacobi, “the jungle girl”.
Age 28

Born in Vermont, raised in Quebec, Canada.
I now divide my time between San Pancho, Mexico and the Colorado Rockies.
I’m a genuine North American!

Holistic nutrition coach ,
Manager of the Tailwind jungle lodge and yoga retreat center

Primary sport: Stand-up paddle surfing, free skiing, trail running and biking. I love them all and it’s impossible to pick one!

Fitness/health accomplishment you are most proud of:

My most challenging adventures have been mountain biking the USA’s continental divide trail and sea kayaking 2000 miles down Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Both of these trips were self-supported. You feel like a snail with your house on your back! The sense of accomplishment at the end of a 2-month journey is surreal.

At this point in my life though, I’m really proud of myself for studying holistic nutrition. Now more than ever I am really in tune with my body and the mosaic of nourishment that I require; from enjoying Mother Nature’s playground to feasting on quality whole foods that work for my unique body. I’m also thrilled to be guiding other women on their holistic nutrition journeys.

What inspires you to get fit every day?

The jungle, the waves, the mountains. I divide my time between the swaying palms of the jungle on the Mexican Pacific and Colorado’s majestic Rocky Mountains. The natural world is a huge source of nourishment and inspiration for me. When the sunrises over the jungle ridge or the snow capped mountains I’m ready to get out there and play, breathe, get my heart rate up, and get those endorphins flowing!

What do you do when you don’t feel like working out?

A lot of my time is currently spent as a holistic nutrition coach. I love working with women who are motivated to listen to their bodies and dig a little deeper to figure out what whole foods and lifestyle choices works best for them. Via phone or Skype I coach women all across the USA, it’s pretty cool to guide women towards nutritional epiphanies!

Favorite energizing meal:

I’m a greens fanatic. Give me a combo of dark leafy greens like kale or collards, a bit of avocado or hummus, a handful of chia seeds and some quality turkey slices. Wrap em up in a sprouted grain or a gluten free teff tortilla and I am wonderfully fueled and ready to go! Green smoothies are also one of my favorite ways to start the day. They’re like liquid energy that goes straight to my blood stream. I also love that they’re incredibly healing! Check out my simple recipe here:

What’s your favorite way to chill post-workout?

That’s an easy one, I’m definitely a hammock girl! In the jungle, the rule is once you’re in the hammock zone there is “no stresspassing” allowed! After a day of riding perfect glassy waves on my paddle board I head directly to my hammock where I can read my favorite book, look out at the palms and listen to the jungle birds. Yup, bliss.

What is your top kick-ass workout?

When the powder is deep or the waves are good, I’ll spend all day in the water or on the snow. Those are definitely my favorite natural workouts. I’m out playing until my body can’t go any longer. By the end of the day every muscle in my body is tingling and totally spent. The next day I always wake up feeling soreness in muscles I didn’t know existed, I love it!

When the swell is flat and there is no snow, my backup plan is a 6–8 mile trail run followed by some gentle toning with 3 lbs weights (squats, lunges, sit ups, push ups, etc.) and a bit of yoga. I like to keep my workouts as dynamic and diverse as possible to keep my body strong, challenged and balanced.

Where is your favorite/most unique place you’ve ever exercised?

The dense jungle here is pretty crazy. When I go for my early morning trail runs I head up a steep hill to get to the jungle ridge that takes me through groves of mango trees, avocado trees and a lot of other mysterious jungle flora. To the east are spectacular jungle views (a jaguar preserve) and to the west, an expansive view of the Pacific. It’s fun listening to the jungle birds, squirrels, tejones (monkey like creatures) as they twitter about the crazy girl running through the jungle! For the final stretch of my run, I drop down to this deserted white sand beach. It takes my breath away every time and it’s only a half-mile from where I live! I feel so incredibly lucky to call this home.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned through sports?

This is an awesome question. Lessons learned through sport have really empowered me on my path of entrepreneurship. My athletic endeavors growing up gave me the self-discipline, determination and strength to know that I could do whatever I wanted in life. After my long distance adventures and running a couple of marathons in college, I was inspired to write up the business plan for the Tailwind jungle lodge. I was determined to make the business a success! Naturally, there have been some really brutal challenges and setbacks along my entrepreneurial road, with both the jungle lodge and with my holistic nutrition practice. But just like with skiing or paddlesurfing, I’ve learned that when I get knocked down, I need to take a moment to reflect on the lesson I learned and then I get back up again and keeping going!

Photo: courtesy of Tamara Jacobi


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