Paula Deen Lost 30 Pounds: Is That Enough To Save Her Image?

Paula Deen was on The View yesterday on an episode titled “The Fat Show” (that’s just mean). What was even meaner was co-host Joy Behar telling Deen that she was “the guest of honor.” Deen has lost 30 pounds to which we say, good for her. But is that enough to turn her critics around, or will she forever be known as the unhealthy chef who gave herself and thousands of other people diabetes and obesity?

Yes, we all know the story about Deen conveniently confessing her diabetes diagnosis just moments after signing a pharmaceutical promo deal with Novo Nordisk. And yes, that was definitely not a smart move on her part. But did she deserve to lose millions of fans over this? And did she deserve to take the rap for America’s obesity and diabetes problem? Probably not.

Regardless of what has been said or done in the past, Deen is out to improve her health and change (save) her image. The 65-year-old syrupy southern TV personality revealed on The View that she has lost 30 pounds and is now being more cautious about what she eats. Although…Deen refuses to admit that it was her cooking, her recipes, her show or her cookbooks that caused her diabetes–or anyone else’s.

Studies have shown, Barbara, that there’s not one food that causes diabetes. What causes Type II diabetes is being overweight. There’s a good chance if you’re overweight that you will become diabetic or pre-diabetic.

Deen went on to say that she ignored this condition for years before finally doing something about it:

And I’ve finally just come to grips, over the past four or five months, with my diabetes. I ignored it the first couple of years. I thought the doctor was wrong.

Does she still eat the southern style comfort foods that made her famous? Absolutely, she says, but in moderation now and allowing herself one cheat day a week.

But I have rearranged my plate now. Do I still eat comfort food? Absolutely.

When asked how she responds to all of her critics who say that she deserves diabetes after eating that way for so many years, Deen defended her eating habits:

This is not something I chose. I’m the only one in my family, and my family and I all eat the same way.

Again, that’s just mean to say that she “deserves” diabetes. No one deserves a disease. You can’t help but like Paula (she’s just so big-hearted and fun), so I do hope that her weight loss improves her health and encourages fans to stop judging her. Who knows, maybe people will even be inspired by her now.





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    • Chip Ramsey

      Blaming Paula Deen for giving people diabetes making them obese is like blaming GM for bad drivers. Food is a choice. No one had to eat it, they chose to eat it.

      Ever see what some of the other Food Network personalities cook? But you choose to watch, you choose to eat it. YOU CHOOSE.Paula Deen is a nice lady who picked herself off the floor and got lucky. The fact that she is not a trained chef and never had any formal training, rubs some people the wrong way. Probably because she is popular.

      It’s never been about her. It’s about YOU and what you choose to put in your mouth.

      • JT


    • Lauren L.

      You forgot about her alleged n-word debacle that she had right after this whole mess. Good for her losing the weight, though!

    • Dani

      Extra 30+ pounds vs looking like a giant baggy-skinned wrinkle? The jury’s still out on this one.

    • Jan

      I love Paula Deen. She went from being down and out to being successful in business and in romance. Sure, she cooks fattening food. It’s delicious. You’re not supposed to eat it every day. There are a lot of people out there who could become successful by following her example of hard work. I don’t know about the n-word thing. If she did that – that was bad – but I wasn’t there.

    • fig

      Until she admits that the way she ate/cooked was complicit (if not entirely to blame) in her Diabetes, she’ll stay on my sh*t list.

    • Ms. Mac

      People are always looking to blame for their poor choices. I love Paula Deen and watch her show. I have a couple of her cookbooks. I take reponsibility for my own health. I have used a few of her recipes and I have also adjusted them into more healthy meals. I give her credit for staying focused enough to move her into calling. I think others who criticize her are first of all jealous. Do they really think she conspired to promote diabetes? What a wild accusation.

    • Shula

      Frankly she looks better with the weight on (so does Oprah). I’m glad she’s taking charge of her health, but I feel bad for the impact her weight loss has had on her appearance. In an ideal world there would be a happy medium in there somewhere.

      And fig: I’m sure Paula doesn’t give a fig (see what I did there?) about being on any list of yours. It’s not worth the paper it’s written on.