Rich Roll’s Secret To Fueling His Super-Active, Vegan Lifestyle

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Yesterday, we wrote about Rich Roll—the author of Finding Ultra (which was released today) who went from unhappy and overweight to competing in endurance events that most people would never dream of. But when we asked him how he made the change, he said the thing that put his transformation into motion was really switching to a plant-based, vegan diet:

It all started with changing my diet. Adopting a whole food, plant-based is really the basis of everything that followed. As a result of doing this complete dietary overhaul, I experienced such a resurgence in vitality and energy that it sort of opened me up on a physical and spiritual level to ask “what comes next?” and I just had a deep yearning to get fit again. I didn’t have any aspirations or fantastical goals about competing or doing anything crazy, I just wanted to feel better. All the energy I was experiencing from this dietary shift just naturally led me to exercising again.

So naturally, we wanted to know what he actually eats. When we asked about his favorite ways to fuel an active lifestyle on a vegan diet, Roll told us that he relies heavily on his Vitamix (a high-powered blender that’s a key kitchen gadget for many a health-nut). Getting the calories and carbs to fuel hard-core workouts like his can seem impossible without the help of processed foods, but Roll says that the Vitamix helps him turn whole foods into instant energy:

For breakfast I prefer to “drink a salad” rather that eat a more traditional grain-based meal like cereal, granola or waffles. Instead I blend a variety of raw organic and nutrient dense vegetables, fruits and nuts in my Vitamix. This high-powered blender breaks down the foods so thoroughly that they are easily absorbed by my body, providing an immediate energy boost without the typical post-meal lethargy.

Rich told us what goes into his Vitamix; he says he starts with a base of dark, leafy greens, and adds the following favorite ingredients for a nutrient-dense blend of micro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein and omega-3 essential fatty acids:

To find out more about Rich’s inspiring story, check out his new book, Finding Ultra. To get more of his favorite recipes and meal ideas, check out the digital cookbook “JAI SEED,” by Rich and his wife, Julie Piatt.

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    • Wren

      Where do find Spirulina? Can you buy it at a normal health food store?

      • Savannah

        I get it at Whole Foods or my local health food store. It’s pretty easy to find. Just don’t add too much at first until you get used to the taste.

    • Savannah

      The link to the cookbook doesn’t work–gives a 404 error.

    • Keith Townsend

      Rich is a major inspiration to me – I love his down to earth attitude and example he has laid for the normal guy to follow. Especially doing it all @ 40, with 4 kids, a wife and a legal career. If he can make it happen, so can we! Great content! Tweeting it out