Thanks xoJane For Posting Real Women In Bikinis, But Did You Have To Call Them Fat?

Self-professed “fat girl” and style blogger, Gabi Gregg, posted a gallery of 31 “hot sexy fat girls in skimpy swimwear” on XOJane yesterday. In it, she touts the fact that these women can rock the “fatkini”. It was intended to help larger women feel empowered and sexy in their bathing suits this summer, but instead of being empowering, it was degrading.

Gregg wrote:

Last month, for the second year in a row, I posted photos of myself in a bikini on my personal style blog.

As a size 18, my swimwear posts tend to gain way more traffic than my regular outfit posts. I attribute this to the fact that our culture is so obsessed with having a “beach ready bod,” that the mere idea of someone my size in a swimsuit, let alone a bikini, is shocking to most.

She went on to say that her goal was to inspire women with a “gallery of fat girls in bikinis (or ‘fatkinis,’ as we so lovingly refer to them in our lil’ community),” but calling these women fat, featuring only overweight women and terming bikinis “fatkinis” only furthers the divide between thin people, average people, overweight people and everyone in between.

Why do we constantly have to call people “fat”? And worse yet, why do we have to call a bikini that an overweight person wears a “fatkini”? It’s just offensive and degrading, if you ask me.

And some of xoJane’s readers seem to agree.

val wrote:

I love the idea of baring it all so that the world can see women come in all shapes and sizes. But as a plus size person who is trying to inject more positivity into my personal self image I resent the term fatkini, its a little degrading and personally, joking about being fat is just as bad as calling yourself fat.

And Cattie Price added:

As a size 20 girl, I HATE the word fat. It’s super offensive to me and I really dislike this new trend of trying to “reclaim” it. It isn’t reclaimed, for me. It hurts.

But not everyone was against this gallery.

Tinab81 commented:

BUT if I’m wearing a string bikini, I may be smaller than another fat person, but in the eyes of most of this country I am still a fat girl in a bikini. And that’s cool. And it’s cool that you’re whatever size you are wearing whatever you want to wear. I don’t know, I think the term fatkini is cute.

We definitely applaud Gregg for encouraging women to feel happy and confident on the beach in “something other than a Hawaiian-print skirted one piece.” We just wish it had included women of all sizes–without calling anyone fat.

What do you think? Empowering or offensive?





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    • pamela

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    • Klee

      First: The girl calls herself fat, not necessarily xojane. And she is fat. I am also fat. That doesn’t mean we are not beautiful. Perhaps that is the real issue here: they aren’t looking at themselves negatively, you are. Beauty can be fat. Or thin. Or whatever.
      If she feels empowered, then yes, it is empowering.

      • Amy

        Great comment. It becomes so tedious hearing so many writers talk about what’s “problematic” for the rest of us. If someone calls themself fat it isn’t going to cause any problems for me, there’s no “divide” between thin women and fat women, there are only women of different sizes. Big whoop, get over it!

    • michelle

      these people should worry about being healthy, not about their weights.

    • Katz

      Who exactly is offended by these women calling themselves fat? Who says that we, as fat women, must label ourselves in a “skinny-friendly” manner?
      I am fat. If you can call me that, behind closed doors, behind your hand when you think i can’t hear, or in text messages you think I’ll never known about, then why, exactly, can I not call myself fat. Are you worried it will take away your power to belittle and demean fat people, if we accept that we are, and not just accept it, but revel in it?

    • Lisa

      How is calling myself exactly what I am degrading? Do you think it’s degrading to call a thin body skinny? Fat is a noun, adjective, and sometimes a verb. I identify my body type as FAT because I have fat under my skin, not because I feel the need to degrade myself or make myself (or others) feel guilty for the fat I have (or they have). WHAT I AM NOT is plush, pleasantly plump, PHAT, BBW or any of the other euphemisms that society deems appropriate –these terms are degrading! Also, SCREW a one piece…guess I will be buying my fatkini this Saturday after all!

    • mmfatties

      But what about all the fat sexy men?! Oh, that’s right. Fat people are disgusting slobs.

      • huurrp!

        Oh, I’m fat and no one wants me. I know what I’ll do! I’ll attempt to convince the entire male population that my unattractive traits are in fact attractive. Up is down! Complete lack of self-control or a basic healthy lifestyle is sexy! Next, I’ve got to convince all men that they are gay so gay men don’t miss out on any bumsex! Not women though! Women must be encouraged to do what they want even if it means they’ll die a slow painful death.