Love It: H&M’s Photoshopped Ads Cleverly Altered By Street Artist

H&M photoshopped advertisement

We could’t help but share this excellent piece of socially-aware street art from our friends over at Healthy is the New Skinny. Apparently, a wheatpaste artist in Germany found H&M‘s highly Photoshopped ads (which got a lot of flak for using excessively tan models) to be in need of a little real-time editing…so they added a Photoshop toolbar to help out.

This image come courtesy of I’m Not Alex Bogusty, a Tumblr user who noted the editions and snapped several photos last week. And while we’re not condoning property damage, we just had to highlight this particularly clever piece of rogue art.

H&M photoshopped ads

I once saw an H&M swimsuit ad in downtown Seattle where a person had spray-painted “Your [sic] Beautiful” over the top of the two-story-tall, extremely thin, digitally-slimmed models, but the use of the incorrect “your” and generally poor execution of the graffiti made it much less effective than this clever piece, which simply added the toolbar to the advertisement and otherwise left it alone.

Sure, launching campaigns to bring awareness to the various ways that altered imagery can impact the psyches of adults and young people alike is noble and important–but artful, subtle reminders like this are definitely a nice addition to the landscape. They serve as a great reminder that most of the images you come across have been digitally altered–particularly when those images are of the female body.

Image courtesy of Healthy Is The New Skinny and I’m Not Alex Bogusky on Tumblr.

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