Hey Ann Curry, Jessica Simpson’s Weight Is None Of Your Business

This morning, the Today show featured a story about Jessica Simpson, and what else…her weight. People magazine snagged the first official photos of Simpson, her fiancé Eric Johnson and their new bundle of joy, Maxwell Drew. “Life has completely changed,” Simpson told People, which is awesome. But one thing hasn’t changed: the media’s obsession with her weight.

While Simpson has disclosed her endorsement with Weight Watchers which she plans to use to lose her baby weight, neither Simpson nor Weight Watchers have specifically disclosed how much weight she wants to drop. Which is good. That’s really no one’s business.

But Ann Curry just couldn’t let that go.

In talking with Kate Coyne, Assistant Managing Editor of People, Curry made this brilliant statement:

Like a lot of mothers, she’s not paying a lot of attention to how she looks.

To which Coyne responded:

Yeah, she doesn’t care what her hair looks like, what her gut looks like. She’s really content just to be with her little girl.

Coyne goes on to say that Simpson’s deal with Weight Watchers hasn’t officially started yet (she’s only one month post C-section), but when she’s ready she will start the diet plan. Most likely, that’s when she will become more vocal about her support for the program. But for now, people should just leave her alone about her weight and just let her enjoy being a new mom.

Nevertheless, Curry had to continue pushing:

How much weight is she talking about losing?

Coyne repeated herself by saying that Simpson is in “such a blissful place right now” that this is not a focus for her yet. She has no idea how many pounds she needs to lose, and she’s “too happy to even think about the scale”.

Right on, Jessica. Enjoy your baby. Be grateful for your body that just created a new life. And don’t feel pressured to lose that weight now or talk about how many pounds you’re going to drop. That’s no one’s business. Even though some say you should disclose your weight when your Weight Watchers endorsement officially begins, I hope you focus on health versus a number on a scale.

Photo: People.com

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    • brenda harper

      people need to get a life and leave weight alone. she is very lucky to fine the happiness she has found in this so called fast pace world we live in today. MIND YOUR ON PERSONAL BUSSINESS AND KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF EVERYONE ELSES ESPECIALLY WHEN SOMEONE SAYS THEY DON,T WANT TO DISCUESS THAT

    • Jackie Meyer

      Why the network keeps Ann Curry, I will never know. The woman can’t conduct an interview with anyone about anything and seem sincere. Her ‘leaning in’ and ‘touching’ the person being interviewed drives me crazy.

      • Deborah Dunham

        Haha, I agree! I often look at the TV when she’s on and say, “Oh shut up, Ann Curry.” She drives me nuts!

    • Koko

      I am not a fan of Jessica Simpson, I don’t care for her or her music, but it’s astonishing how many people seem to think they have to bash her because of her weight. She’s a human being like everyone else.
      When did she have that baby? A month ago? My god, putting her mind on enjoying her child and taking care of it is exactly what she should be doing now rather than breaking her head over losing weight. Many women take a lot of time to get rid of the weight and that’s fine.
      Just because all those top models and over-eager actresses and singers drop their weight like a bag of potatoes a week after they popped out their baby doesn’t mean it’s normal or necessary or even healthy. This whole obsession about being thin is ridiculous. Promoting the idea that all women should look impeccable within a few weeks after they had their children is insane and it gives people the wrong idea and puts them under pressure, because they only see the before-and-after pictures and have no idea how much torture might have been behind that.
      Women should just be given the freedom to enjoy their newborn child and be allowed to look however the fuck they want without being criticized.

    • Kim

      Every article on this website is about the importance of not snarking on women for their weight, looks, etc., and while I agree in theory, when it comes to certain celebrities, why can’t people express opinions on their life choices? Jessica Simpson, in particular, overshares every aspect of her life and uses her image, her looks, her weight to stay in the media and support her sub-par clothing lines. Her weight is fair game for criticism! She has a contract with Weight Watchers! She put her newborn baby on the cover of a magazine for a huge payday! Why are we acting like she is a private citizen who needs protection!?! Ridiculous.

    • ValerieG87

      Jessica had c section…so she is probably not able to do alot of exercising now. But Jessica always looks like she cares what she looks like. Ann Curry needs to get a life.

    • Paula

      Being in the spotlight Jessica is at rsk like all celebs to be hounded about her weight.

      That does not make it right. We are a very sick nation when it comes to our body size.

      Read Health At every Size by Linda Bacon if you are ready to know the truth about our weight.