• Wed, Jun 13 2012

Ballet Dancers’ Feet: Graceful, But Really Gross

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Ballet dancers are known for their graceful bodies, incredible poise…and their gross feet. Check out the picture of this professional ballerina dancer’s extremely-painful looking, callused and bruised feet. Awww/ewww, right? Dancing 8-10 hours a day takes a toll on everything: skin, bones, tendons, nails.

And dancers’ feet aren’t the only ones taking a serious beating: here’s a few more photos of some banged-up tootsies owned by professional athletes. The pictures are pretty disgusting; don’t click through if you’re eating or if you have a foot phobia. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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  • Marielaina Perrone DDS

    I saw the ballet dancers picture on another site. She is a young woman. She will have some serious issues later in life.


  • Somnilee

    Pole dancers get cracking “climbing” bruises on the tops of their feet from the contact of climbing the pole. The skin sometimes chaps too, I’ve got a kind of permanent mark there.


  • Naomi

    I am a belly dancer as opposed to a ballet dancer, so my feet are jacked (especially since we dance barefoot most of the time), but not nearly as badly as hers. Still, the years I spent in ballet as a kid still take their toll on my feet and ankles even now. I’ve gotten grief from pedicurists due to my calluses, but I refuse to let them strip those suckers off. I need them! I EARNED them!

  • Laura

    I am a ballet dancer and I admit we do have some ugly feet. However, the marathon runner’s feet are absolutely out of control…

    P.S., please cut toe nails and shave toe hair immediately!

  • Alle C

    I started ballet as soon as I could walk and danced nonstop until retiring at 16. My feet used to look like that. Worse, even. The kicker is that at 27, deformed feet are the least of my problems.

  • Dancing Branflake

    Hi! I have a dance blog and I want to use this photo, but I’m not sure who I would contact about the copyright. Who is the photographer? Did you purchase the copyright to use it? My email: dancingbranflake at gmail.com Thanks!