Real Women Speak: ‘This Is What Weightlifting Means To Me’

Ask anyone who lifts weights and they will likely tell you that it does a lot more than just build strong muscles. Pumping some iron–whether it’s 5-pound dumbells or a 100-pound barbell helps women feel empowered, strong and capable in so many ways. To find out exactly what it does for us, we polled some everyday women who lift weights and asked them, “What does weightlifting mean to you?” Take a look at their awesome responses and be inspired:



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    • HannahBeth

      I’ve been doing Insanity workouts (on my last week now!) and have been dying to reincorporate weights, but I’ve been afraid of over-doing it. All these weight-lifting articles Blisstree is putting out are amazing. I’m on the last week, I know what’s being worked– I can handle some upper body today. Going upstairs to pick up weights RIGHT NOW.

      P.S… These were great responses. While I do get a little tired of “empowerment” just being used in terms of woman/female/women, I like the sentiment.

      • Lastango

        +1 on empowerment fatigue… the endless mantra of power, power, power seems so limiting. Not to mention artificial and unnecessary. Weight training is excellent for everyone. If weight training acquires an anti-male spin, that may drive some women away from this great, healthful activity. They’re not going to want to do something that implicitly sends men a hostile cultural message.

        Also, I think some people want to pretend they’re making a political statement or being somehow heroic just because they picked up weights. That seems so small and brittle.

    • Erica { }

      I love weightlifting because it makes me feel strong and confident!

    • Deborah Dunham

      Wow, that’s such a negative viewpoint, Lastango. Nothing about this is anti-male, or political or hostile whatsoever. It’s strong, healthy women inspiring others to be strong and healthy too. And this is a women’s site, after all, so what’s wrong with women talking about what weightraining does for them? Nothing! It’s awesome!! Here’s hoping you have a more positive day!

    • Klumpp smith