Awesome Group Of Moms Show What Postpartum Bellies Really Look Like

 real post-pregnancy bellies

In case you were curious, a collection of working mothers and bloggers in Connecticut would like to give you an idea of what postpartum bellies really look like. Specifically, what their postpartum bellies really look like. This is a photo of the women of CT Working Moms, who, tired of unrealistic expectations of weight loss and flat tummies for women who have just given birth, decided to give the internet something real and body positive and awesome to look at.

Here’s how writer Dena Fleno described their group’s response to the various headlines about various celebrities’ “amazing” after-baby weight loss:

 Now don’t get me wrong, those women probably worked really hard to take the baby weight off and more power to them, but we average non-Victoria Secrets models do not have the luxury of Photoshop, airbrushing, personal trainers, private chefs, nannies, or several pairs of Spanx.  As the wise Katie Schunk stated, “I would be in mad shape if my paycheck depended on it!”

So we got to talking and the idea came up to do our own photo-shoot where we would bare our post-baby bellies (in a  sports bra of course).  We wanted to embrace our bodies and let the world know we are proud of our saggy stripes!

So, the women hired a photographer and showed off what their postpartum bellies really look like.

This isn’t the first awesome blogger to come forward and, with honesty and positivity, show that post-pregnancy bodies rarely snap back into shape like Victoria Beckham and Beyonce would have us think–Birth Without Fear‘s author bravely posted photos of several postpartum bellies, with a reminder that all bodies are good bodies, which is a message we can really get behind.

The popularity of real images like these, which offer a stark contrast the prevailing media message that losing pregnancy weight is something that a.) all moms should try to do immediately after giving birth and b.) isn’t very hard if you would stop “letting yourself go” and just try, you lazy life-giving, miracle-creating women,  just goes to show how starved we are for accurate representations of what life is actually like for other people.

Because we’re curious, curious humans, and we’re constantly trying to assess whether or not our own experiences/emotions/thoughts/bodies are within a normal range–which is hard to do when every experience/emotion/thought/body reflected in magazines, on television, and online presents something clearly unattainable (with the exception of “reality” TV, which offers us an opportunity to gawk at people who are clearly worse off than we are).

You can see all the fun, beautiful photos of the women of CT Working Moms, working it at their big photoshoot, on their Facebook gallery.

Big props, women of Connecticut. Thanks for being bold and adding another refreshing burst of body image reality to the internet.

Image via CT Working Moms, by Jean Molodetz from I ViewPhotography

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    • Dena Fleno

      Thank you so much for posting this! We are thrilled to add our “real” bodies to the list.

    • Lilac

      These women are amazing! Thank you for being so brave and showing what real mothers look like.

    • Dee

      It’s great that women are proud of their post-baby bodies– truly. After going through 9 month of agony, the last thing on a new mother’s mind should be a negative body image. But is it THAT unrealistic to some people that it is possible to get back to your pre-pregnancy self? I had my son on the 14th and I’m already back to my pre-pregnancy weight. No stretch marks, and my stomach is almost as flat as it was before (just a little smushy, which I find kind of cool for some reason, and the weird dark line extending up past my belly button). Granted, I went into labor 6 weeks early so the results could have been different, not that I would have cared. I’ve even had people tell me that I don’t look like I just had a baby. That doesn’t make me a bad person, and it doesn’t make me any less of a “real woman.”