High-Fructose In Hiding: 7 Foods You’d Never Guess Are Full Of Corn Syrup

stovetop-stuffing-corn syrup

High-fructose corn syrup is seriously bad for you. It’s been linked to diabetes, obesity, and now, brain function. And did you know it’s hiding ALL AROUND YOU? I was seriously shocked to find out some of the foods that feature HFCS on their ingredient lists. This nasty processed sugar is in tons of packaged foods, including ones where you’d never expect it: I’m talking frozen meals, crackers, and even stuffing!

If HFCS was a person, I’d tell you to carry a big stick and watch your back. As it’s not, I’ll just tell you to check out these six foods that are hiding HCFS and stay far, far, away from them.

Photo: The Delicious Life

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    • Briana Rognlin

      I hate finding out that I like a food because it’s laced with processed sugars! Thankfully, none of these are on my list of favorites, but still.

    • Hickmon smith

      It is so very tasty and delicious item for eat.

    • Erica

      When I first started reading food labels for any trace of high fructose syrup I was shocked that almost everything had it listed!

    • Samantha

      I found HFCS in some pickles from Central Market. Not cool! Goes to show you ALWAYS have to check the label! :)

      • Carrie Murphy

        samantha, i heard HFCS was in some pickles…crazy!

    • Jacqueline j Bohn

      Hospital beds, gurneys, & wheelchairs are now xxxtra wide. Clothing now in super sizes even for children…this is sick. Why can’t people realize why they are obese? Kudos to the FDA for not allowing name change.