Kim Kardashian Tweets ‘Real’ Bikini Pic…And More Mixed Body-Image Messages

Shocking news, you guys: Kim Kardashian has tweeted another picture of herself in a bikini. Yesterday, she tweeted the picture with the text “Sunrise summertime shoot! #nofilter #nophotoshop.” I’m glad Kim’s promoting the idea of natural bodies without Photoshop, but I have to ask: Why is this woman so freaking obsessed with her own body? One minute she’s talking about body acceptance and the next minute she’s flaunting her curves for her 15 million Twitter followers. I get that body acceptance and body pride aren’t mutually exclusive, but I also get the sense that there’s something a little more sinister to Kim’s relationship with her body.

Kim’s pretty much made a name for herself based on her physical appearance. There was that sex tape with Ray-J, and her famous “asset.” She proclaims she’s comfortable “in her own skin”, but recently told a UK television show, “I don’t think I’m ever really comfortable.” She also told British Cosmopolitan she “couldn’t care less” if she was a size 4, and that she pigs out regularly on foods like cookies-n-cream ice cream. So wait: She regularly shares bikini pictures with her fans, shills for swimwear companies, publicly endorses shady diet drug QuickTrim, and still considers herself a “real” body confidence role model? I’m confused.

On one hand, I’m glad that she’s open about the fact that her bikini body doesn’t come without work; she also tweeted yesterday that she had completed two workouts before 9 am!  She told SHAPE magazine in 2011:

There’s nothing easy about being fit and healthy. I’d never say, ‘Take this and eat whatever you want or don’t work out.’ That’s not realistic. To look and feel my best, I watch my calories and exercise.

That’s good advice, actually. But this sense of constant vigilance probably doesn’t contribute to terrific feelings about her own body, no matter how good she looks. She’s a celebrity; her livelihood is tied to her appearance. It’s in her best interest to look good, just as it’s in her best interest to parrot body-positivity to the media and to her fans.

Kim, you’re more than your pretty face, your famous ass, and the body you work so hard for. I’m glad you speak out so often about loving your own body, but I think your messages are still pretty mixed.

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    • Amy

      I don’t think she’s really known for having on-point well thought out messages.

    • Elicia

      Looking at her makes me wanna eat a chocolate chip cookie…..but that’s probably because of the news article above her.

    • OMGaKardashian!!!!

      Maybe her body image is so out there because ever picture, line and general impression about her body gets posted to websites, blogs, tabloids and twitters around the world. If there were articles out there devoting multiple paragraphs to every little snippet I had said about my body in the last year and a half I’m sure my body confidence meter would seem confusing too.

      • Carrie Murphy

        Kim is famous. She’s not an actress, or a singer, or any other kind of performer; she is essentially famous for being famous. And when you put your image and your life out to the public for open discussion (not just by tabloids…by tweeting it yourself), you will get writers writing paragraphs about you and your motivations. I’m sure she understands that.

    • tamachan

      lets see here… She is standing in one of the best poses that allows her to pull her body tight, suck in her stomach and clech her ass.. No need for photoshop when your ribcage sticks out more then your boobs