Why Your Chicken Could Be Giving You Nasty Bladder Infections

If you’re one of the 8 million women suffering from a nasty, incurable bladder infection, here’s a clue as to why: You’ve been eating too much chicken.

Medical researchers are blaming our perpetual bladder infections on disgusting E. coli superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics and growing in chickens. That bacteria is then–you guessed it–transferred to our bodies and our bladders when we eat it, according to what Amee Manges, epidemiologist at McGill University in Montreal told ABC.

We’re finding the same or related E. coli in human infections and in retail meat sources, specifically chicken.

How does this E. coli get from the chickens to humans? Simple. Chickens are injected with antibiotics from day one to help them grow bigger and faster and protect them from diseases. The problem is that these are the same antibiotics sold in the U.S. for humans to treat bladder infections, among other conditions, which means our bodies eventually become resistent to the drugs because we’re getting so much of it. In fact, the FDA says 80% of all antibiotics sold in the United States are fed to livestock.

As a result, we contract this superbug which leads to those painful bladder infections that sometimes never seem to go away.

Manges went on to say:

We’re particularly interested in chickens. They, in many cases, are getting drugs from the time that they were in an egg all the way up to the time they are slaughtered.

And we’re eating those antibiotics–and that E. Coli.

Your best bet? Find organic chicken, or better yet, try going vegetarian.

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    • Jane

      This is a really simplified/borderline incorrect analysis of that article–as a longtime vegetarian who often suffers from UTIs, what I got out of this study, is that you’re more likely to be resistant to UTI antibiotics if you have exposure to raw meat. I, fortunately, respond well to antibiotics–but it could simply be because I’m lucky. You can contract the resistant E-coli strain simply if lettuce is cross-contaminated with raw meat, which could happen to vegetarians like me.

      Get your facts straight.

      • Lilac

        I agree with Jane. Alot of fear-mongering in this article without any real facts or proof. Blisstree you are better than this.

      • Doreen

        Your a vegan, thats great. Therefore you are not consuming a lot of antibiotics as most people do that are meat & poultry eaters.
        I do know facts..I am a nutritional consultant in alternative health and have studied for forty years!!

        People consume a tremendous amounts of antibitotics in out diets and when they need them they don’t work anymore. The hospitals are full of the superbug, or staphdecoceous aureus and most people come home with it.

    • Doreen Durocher

      Buy organic and make asure the label says no antibiotics…My husband died from the superbug, you never get rid of it . There is no cure..It lays in the body dormant, until the next time your ill and it progresses until finally it hits the blood stream and kills..Insist on buying foods with no antibiotics..I do. This is a fact…