Let’s Stop Talking About Anna Gunn’s Weight, And Watch Her Play Skyler On Breaking Bad, Instead

anna gunn weight

Blisstree isn’t Entertainment Weekly, so we’re not posting recaps of Breaking Bad, or really anything about the show at all (don’t worry; this post doesn’t require a spoiler alert). But as chatter about the show’s characters and actors ignites, there’s one discussion thread I do want to address: The one about Skyler White’s weight. Despite the interesting progression of her character and her high quality of acting, fans seem more interested in calling Anna Gunn fat, guessing at her history of plastic surgery, and pinning down the details of when she was last pregnant (it was 2006, if you must know). Thankfully, she’s kept clear of the cruel discussions, but is this really all we have to say about her? It would seem so, and that makes me sad. So here’s my request: For the last season of Breaking Bad, let’s stop talking about Anna Gunn’s weight, and watch her be a great actress playing an awesome character instead.

Despite living in Los Angeles, Gunn manages to avoid tabloids and, like the rest of the cast of Breaking Bad, seems to steer clear of media attention of any sort, as a general rule. In the few interviews she’s given, she focuses on her work, not her workouts, and discusses the development of her character, not her diet or dress size.

But instead of obsessing over her talent, Breaking Bad fans are obsessed with her weight. Just look at the auto-terms that pop up in a google search for Anna Gunn:

anna gunn weight gain

…and Skyler of Breaking Bad:

skyler breaking bad fat
It’s true that Anna Gunn’s physical appearance has changed—not only does she look heavier in season 4 than season 1; her hair is shorter, her highlights are lighter, she wears a notably different color palette; the list goes on. But the same is true of just about every character…and probably most people you know “IRL”. And yet fans aren’t nearly so cruel about Gunn’s male co-stars…and presumably, most of us aren’t quick to point a finger and yell “fat” when our family and friends put on a few pounds.

A lot has been written about how fans deflect moral judgement of anti-hero husbands (like Walt, or even Don Draper) by directing backlash towards their wives (Skyler; poor Betty). But in Anna Gunn’s case, the backlash seems oddly extended off the screen.

Maybe fans are bad at reserving emotional reactions for the characters–instead of the actresses who play them. Or maybe we’ve become so brainwashed by media that we can’t handle a woman who appears on-screen and doesn’t seem to focus her professional life around her physical appearance. But either way, the mean comments and obsession with her weight are cruel and damaging; not just to Anna Gunn (who seems level-headed enough to cope with the body pressures of Hollywood and focus on acting, instead), but to the rest of us who are watching (and listening and reading) to a rare depiction of a real-life wife on TV.

So for the final season of Breaking Bad, let’s focus on the show, and the (hopefully) great acting, instead.

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    • Arielle

      Anna Gunn is an amazing actor! I love her in Breaking Bad, and I loved her in Deadwood! I have nothing else to say.

    • Melissa

      I don’t get the hate towards her or her character either, but I do wonder if the character of Skylar would be less hated if she were played by someone like, say, Eva Longoria or Courtney Cox. The thin, more traditional tv actresses we see on most shows. Probably not. It’s sad, but not surprising. God forbid someone on tv looks like someone you might see in the grocery store.

    • Jim

      Anna Gunn has become a big fat fatty. And Dean Norris….holy hell, it looks like he met a smaller version of himself….and ate him!

      Yes, you can be a good actor and still go from healthy to fatty. But acting is about entertainment, and part of entertainment isn’t just the acting. You don’t act in a vacuum. Do you think people liked Megan Fox in Transformers because solely her acting ability?

      You don’t act in a vacuum. It’s the writing, directing, physical appearance, wardrobe, makeup, etc…..it’s the whole package. As an actress, sure….she’s good. As the whole picture…as an ‘entertainer’….she’s gone down a few notches because of her obvious lack of committment to her physical appearance. And Dean Norris….as his waistline increased, the suspension of disbelief that he could be a decent law enforcement officer kept getting hard and harder to maintain. Yes….in real life, I’m sure some DEA agents are very obese. But this isn’t real life….this is ‘entertainment’. He doesn’t have to look like Matthew McConaughey, but at least some semblance of an attempt to maintain his physical appearance would be nice.

      You want to be fat – or you aren’t willing to do anything about it – fine. Whatever…it’s your life. But you then can’t turn around when your career path is – in part – having people look at you and like what they see and complain that people notice you have started eating whole cows for dinner.

      • ald;fasdl;afd

        wow you win the award for being the worst I congratulate you on this momentous day in your life

        here is a trophy of a giant turd

      • Mark

        Hey Jim,

        You are so right man! But tell me, what are you starring in? What were you nominated for again? Oh yeah being a middle aged fat fuck with a pepper the size of a fetus’s pinky. Go choke on a dick.

        You are nothing. Anna Gunn may have gained some weight, but she’s still co-starring in a show. What will you be doing as you gain weight? You’ll still be sitting behind your computer, angry that you at your age you still haven’t done a thing.

        :( It’s a sad world for you.

      • Notawanker

        Buddy, calm down. I found this here article wondering about Skyler’s appearance changing every season of the show… and you are all over the comments complaining about how Anna Gunn is no longer suitable for your masturbation fantasies. Get real, man. You are not contributing to any discussion but the one inside your own head. Get outside. Nobody owes you anything.

    • Aeryn

      Anna Gunn is a “real” woman (not some ugly model clone, yawn) who makes you forget she is acting in BB. I love every part of BB and the writers nailed this character and so did she.

      • Jim

        So, then basically what you are saying is that the definition of a ‘real woman’ is a big fat cow, who puts on 50-60lbs in the course of 6-9 months. Wow…good to know what it takes for a woman to be a ‘real woman’.

        How about a ‘real woman’ – or ‘real man’ – is one that takes care of themselves physically, professionally, mentally, etc.?

        But instead, you can keep wailing about how those horribly, horribly, ‘ugly’ chicks – you know, smokin’ hot models/actresses that actually have the discipline to eat right and exercise – are so ‘fake’.

        I’m taking a ‘wild’ guess that you aren’t exactly on the light side of the scales….

      • LazloBravo

        hey jimbo, go take care of your bald spot and stfu. you’re on the below zero side of the scale.. like a subhuman you know no brain function.

    • db3267

      Anna Gunn is a HOT 40+ year old and anyone would be fortunate to look like her or be with her. If you disagree, you need to grow up or just open your eyes to all the possibilities in life. Oh, and she can act too.

      • Jim

        She’s a “HOT 40+ year old”? No, she’s a FAT 40+ year old. You want to talk hot 40+ year old women? How about Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Rebecca Romijn…the list goes on. Each of them are smokin’ hot, and even after children, successful careers, busy lives, etc., they manage to take care of themselves while juggling everything else. THOSE women are hot. Anna Gunn used to be very attractive (wouldn’t have called her HOT even at her best), but she went to pot. Or, should I say, she went to ice cream, and mcdonald’s, and dunkin’ donuts, and her favorite couch…..

    • Rick

      She’s fat. That’d be cool if she were always fat on the show. But she wasn’t. Why would you stay thin until almost 40, then get your big break, and let yourself go? It’s a slap in the face to every out-of-work actor.

      • Jim

        Amen….in fact, that’s the actual issue. She was attractive, established her character on the show as such – wearing short skirts, tight-fitting clothes at times, etc – then season 4 came along and BAM!….nothing but big billowy robes, and fat over-the-hill grandma-type outfits to hide the rolls.

      • LazloBravo

        you must be a 5 foot 2 handsome white guy who wishes he was tom cruise. yea… guys can be short in hollywood but girls can’t be fat. what a slap in your tiny face!!

      • LazloBravo

        poor jimbo has mama issues. hey jimmy, here’s a thought: stick to inane tv shows and you’ll never have to see real world again!!

    • amanda

      what a bunch of horrid people you are

      • B Bob

        Amanda, these people get paid a LOT of money to act. The least they can do is look presentable and stay similar-looking to a previous season without getting all bloaty and pasty and NORMAL!

    • fbl

      I agree that Anna Gunn is a great actress and we should concentrate on that. It is, however, hard to concentrate on her acting while being distracted by the obvious plastic surgery she has had on her face. She used to look like someone you would see at your neighborhood grocery store. Not anymore. Every time I see her on the show, I get angry. I miss the old Skyler.

    • Molly

      I’m really dissapointed. Anna Gunn doesn’t even look like the same person anymore with the work that was done on her face. I didn’t notice any weight gain. It looks to me like Bov Odenkirk ( the lawyer) had some work done too. things just aren’t the same…..

      • Chris

        She has obviously had plastic surgery. Its too bad how women in Hollywood feel like they need to do this. Also you can tell she is trying to hide her weight cuz now her character is always wearing long sleeved and baggy tops. The weights not that big a deal. But come on, why the plastic surgery? She was beautiful before

    • LazloBravo

      here’s a thought: the show began with lies and truths which evolve the opposite way with each episode. alright, so for example, hank was a man’s man and we now in season 4 (yea i just started watching on netflix, up yours cable!) are experiencing his uselessness of being a man and most of all a human being (we are all human beings, right???) skylar’s sister was always jealous of skylar.. you know, appearance wise, etc… so maybe and i dunno, just a thought, it’s a nice addition altho i haven’t seen skylar’s weight gain to “distract” from her character.. just a thought that it is there maybe to challenge us (again!!) for those fussing about an amazing actress’ loss or change of face is a bit, well, i guess i can say the word slow and nobody will complain about skylar’s kid getting insulted. but i, for one, was distracted at walter junior, but that’s because i had no clue about his illness!! we don’t see kids like that everyday but most of americans are obese so what is the deal with you children paying attention to storyline and performance and not just hot chicks on the telly??? you kids for sure are mentally challenged just change the channel and quit bitchin!!

    • Mark

      Every a’hole (like Jim up there, who I bet had a wife that looks like Anna Gunn but cheated on him with his…brother? Best friend? Sister? because he was such a tool with a little weenie) complains, “Oh Anna Gunn gained weight, it is sooooooo unrealistic and I can’t watch it! WAH!”

      So she gained some weight, whatever, would it have been more realistic to replace her with a thinner woman that somewhat resembled her? People just bitch over and over. But something like that would have broken the continuity completely. Get over her weight or fucking stop watching the show.

      People need to remember that it’s not really the same day like it appears to be in episodes, it’s months later. What if she had a legit reason for gaining weight? What if she was pregnant and miscarried? What if her dog died? What if she was put on some crazy meds? She’s not out there telling her whole life’s story, so who knows what’s going on.

      Either way the show is amazing. Really people grow a pair and get over it.

    • Jefferson
    • B Bob

      It was bad enough that the woman can’t act – no range, nothing remotely interesting about her – now to have to watch her weight mysteriously balloon and pretend everything’s the same? Can’t do it. She’s too distracting from the show, which is great in every other way. Can’t another plane crash or something, on her head maybe?

      • DeeDee

        Well, B Bob, the difference between you two is that Anna Gunn can lose weight (not that she should, the fact that an article like this had to be written is depressing) but you’ll always be an ignorant asshole.

      • Hannah

        The woman can’t act? I’d like to see you perform as well as she does. I think she’s brilliant! I think she’s only gotten better as the seasons have gone on. Acting is not easy. She is great!!

        And as for her weight…It certainly is noticeable…but, who cares???

    • Jim

      Heh…I forgot I’d put my email address in, and it’s one I don’t use much. Just happened to check again, and noticed all these notifications….so I figured I’d check out the posts, see what people thought.

      Wow…essentially, what you’ve come up with, is that if you have a problem with the continuity of a character’s development from season to season – which includes the physical appearance of the actor/actress – you must have a small penis, a wife that’s slept with your friends and/or relatives, must have won some kind of award or nomination or be disqualified from being able to notice the obvious, must be bald….hmmm, oh yeah, my personal favorite, must also have a ‘tiny face’ (heh, that’s a new one…and doesn’t make too much sense, but eh, at least you tried to be creative, gotta give you that). Also….again, my comments about Dean Norris – who I also pointed out to be about 18 years pregnant – didn’t seem to phase annnnnnyone at all…..but mention that a chick has put on some weight, and oh no! How insensitive, you big brute! Her dog might have died, how dare you?! (I liked that one too, by the way….heh, her dog might have died, that’s why she ballooned up like she did…..HAD to eat all that ice cream, she was soooo sad, heh)

      People…this isn’t rocket science. This is entertainment. There is a reason that NFL cheerleaders aren’t fatties. There’s also a reason that Megan Fox starred in Transformers, and not Adele. Which is the SAME reason that S.I., Maxim, Esquire, etc., DON’T go looking for cover models in Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s, or Pizza Hut.

      We, as normal, everyday people, like seeing nice things. We prefer a new, sweet looking Mustang over a piece of shit Chevy Nova. We want new clothes, not clothes from the Salvation Army. Now, if we don’t have a choice, sure…we’ll take what we can get. But we’d like better. But no matter who we are, or where we come from, most all of us will admit that the WORST thing you can do is have something nice, and purposely let it go to waste through laziness or stupidity, or both. The guy next door with the new Corvette, who parks it in the sun, never covers it, and leaves the top down in the rain, will piss you off when you yourself appreciate a nice car, and can see that with just a little effort, he could save that car from what nature will do to it. A cigar aficionado will be irritated to see a buddy just toss a box of Cubans into a desk drawer, and never both to put them in the humidor sitting right there on his desk. And a person that respects their own body and health enough to stay in shape, and work hard to maintain a healthy, lean, muscular physique, will feel disgust when they see a beautiful, healthy, fit woman, let herself become an uglier, fatter, less healthy version of themselves because they simply got lazy and stopped working at it in the gym and in the kitchen.

      I think Anna Gunn used to be an attractive woman – nice body, nice skin, well done wardrobe and make-up. But now….well, now she’s fat. And fat is never attractive or sexy.

      Oh – unless you are fat yourself, and have resigned yourself to being that way, and now get ridiculously defensive when ever anyone says ANYTHING about someone being fat. Yeah….in that case, fat is always beautiful, and sexy, and hey, who notices anyone being fat, anyway? It’s all just in our minds….it’s just a word….just a label….just a leading cause of death in the world….nothing to worry about…nothing to see here….

      By the way, just so you know…I’m 38, 183lbs, lift and do HITT 4-5 times a week, eat a clean diet, have a hot wife who’s 6 years younger than me…and as far as penis size goes, eh, who knows? I’d say…average? Maybe? I don’t wander up to random guys on the street and ask them to measure up against, me so it’s hard to say :P But I will say this….I used to have an extra 55lbs of fat on me that I don’t have now. So not only did I used to be fat, I also know what it takes to put on that much fat, work it off, and keep it off. So if Anna Gunn has health issues that caused her weight gain, I’ll take it allllll back. Otherwise, if I can do what I’ve done working a full-time job, with 3 kids, and all the normal things that you have to deal with as an adult, I sure as shit have no sympathy for someone that acts for a living – making a butt-load of money in the process – who can probably afford all the in-home cooks, nutritionists, and personal trainers money can buy. I have none of that, and I managed just fine.

      She was atractive. She let herself go. Got fat. Is no longer close to as attractive, unless you like big women. The end.

      Again…not rocket science….

      • Judgmental Uncompassionate Peeping Pervert

        Hey Jim, Can we please get a photo of your “hot” 32 year old wife up, so we can make similar heartless comments about her? What happens the day she gains weight and is “fat”? Will you tell her that she then be “never attractive or sexy”? What’s the difference between Anna Gunn and your wife that the former would deserve evaluation and not your wife? If there is no difference, then please post your wife’s picture (photobucket.com?) and give us all a shot. I see no difference – they are both human beings, to start with. (Please apologize to your wife for me – for you).

      • Jim’s fan

        Well said.

      • D. Martin

        Way to compare women’s bodies to cars and cigars. Just what we need. More objectification. Women don’t exist to serve as your masturbatory fodder. Anna Gunn’s job is to act. Clearly, she wasn’t kicked off the show, so what’s the big freaking deal? You think all the men are prizes in the looks department? And she isn’t even fat, that’s the thing. It’s really only her face that’s filled out a bit, which happens from many anti-depressants and steroids. Why must you be so judgmental? Why do you even care? Is gaining weight the worst thing a person can do? I think being a raging asshole like you overtakes it by a mile.

      • DickwadJim

        You, sir, are a total dickwad. I really didn’t need to know your supposed stats or anything about your ‘hot’ wife. At some point in your life you are going to realise that what a person looks like is one of the least important things about them. Your ‘hot’ wife will either become not so hot (inevitable) and you’ll ditch her then become this sad mofo who dates younger and younger women and never feels emotionally fulfilled. Or, she’ll ditch you because she realises what a shallow prick you are and you’ll be back to dating the ever-younger, emotionally unfulfilling and possibly mentally vacant bimbos that you deserve. Have fun.

    • Kay

      I wouldn’t have found this story if I hadn’t searched “anna gunn weight gain” because the woman was PREGNANT all season 1 and smaller. Now she looks like the joker – plastic surgery’s fault-and is breaking out of her clothing. I was just wondering if she was pregnant in real life. It’s not a judgment on her, about her size, but it is kind of amazing. I am a food writer and I’ve kept my weight off. What about acting is expanding her so much? ALSO her acting is pretty bad. Even in the first season I thought, why is she so one dimensional? She reminds me of my high school drama class, and I was the drama club president and sucked as well. Her “angry” and “defiant” is borrring. Marie, her sister, is a better actor. And her son, and brother in law. NOT Gus, and I admire the dude, but such fake fakery. Anywho, tear me up for having an opinion — especially about continuity. I agree, it’s disconcerting to see someone change drastically. Even going too skinny is disturbing – I don’t like this new Rachael Ray.

    • Jim Is A Legendary Stud With 8% Body Fat, Bitches

      Actually only one of those search terms carries any negative connotation. The rest are all neutrally phrased. As far as plastic surgery goes, she’s had it and there’s really no point in debating it because it’s obvious. People are naturally curious and they google it to see what other fans think, which I don’t think is ill intentioned, it’s just human nature.

      A lot of the hate, I’m sure, comes from the fact that her character is awful in every way imaginable. A lot of the credit goes to the writers, but Anna Gunn makes Skylar just as reprehensible as Joffrey from Game of Thrones, another character the audience is supposed to hate. Credit to her as an actress for that, and I mean that without sarcasm.

      As for Jim, each of his posts exhibit telltale signs of a man who is deeply dissatisfied with life and himself, so much so that he’s taken to a blog to convince anonymous strangers he’s a total stud with a gorgeous wife, a Jaguar and 8% body fat. lol.

    • Chuck

      She is fat. She’s 44, realized this was the money train, and got fat. My Dad always said fat girls should never do two things: cut their hair and go sleeveless. At least she hasn’t gone sleeveless. It’s all relative; she was part of the appeal early on because she was “desirable,” but she’s ruined that now because her money and ego made Anna Gunn more important than Skylar White. Simple. She made a choice. It obviously was the wrong one for fans.

      • D. Martin

        Your dad was a misogynist.

      • Your Dads an ass and a loser Chuck. Sorry!

        I hope based on your comment your Dad is dead because he was/ is a giant fuckwit. I feel so sorry for you being raised by an imbecile, it must have been tough.

      • Lara_GNG

        ICK!! You AND your father sound like complete a$%h^%$s,

    • Jamie

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with noticing she has gained, well, quite a bit of weight. We are all on here posting comments and reading articles because we noticed it. And I do think Jim has a point..she gets paid to be on T.V., and people want to see good-looking people. She established this strong, independent character in the first season all while being nice to look at. Now, the weight gain has taken away from her character and I certainly can’t look at her in the same way. Actors/Actresses get paid a ton of money not just for their talents, but for the whole package. Even in “real life” being attractive will always get you a step ahead of where you would be if you were heavy.

      It’s natural for the human mind to take a peripheral route in perceiving things such as a show we like to watch. We watch the shows to get a break from reality and enjoy someone else’s drama. We want to see fantasy lives made up with fantasy cars and wives. When we watch these shows, we are certainly not putting much cognitive thought into it, so we naturally will notice the larger size of an actress or the plastic surgery of another. I am not taking Jim’s side nor am I taking any side, but I do agree with a lot of what he states. Also, I must note that I am not defending Jim, but every response to his counterargument is so unbelievable childish; “Go choke on a dick”…really? You can come up with something more intelligible then that…maybe not.

      She is paid for a whole package, and we alllll notice her weight gain. Does this make us evil human beings?? Hell no. It makes us human. She should get back on the treadmill because many people just can’t perceive Skylar White as she should be now. So, losing weight will not just help her physically, it will help create a better “Skylar”, which is her job. I can say so far, I am disappointed in her character after Season 3.
      The weight is distracting, and I am not a “thin, sexy woman”, I have curves, and I also want to lose weight myself. But, if I were getting paid a shit ton of money to be on T.V., you bet your ass I’d be hiring those trainers and chefs to get my booty in shape.

      • Jamie is a giant ass.

        Seriously? I am here because I definitely noticed “Skylars” weight, but your argument is pathetic at best. The public does not watch quality TV shows based on the appearance of actresses/actors. We watch because of performance/ writing/ storyline. People like you are the problem, encouraging appearance pressure, suggesting women are a “package” instead of being people doing a job. You’re pressuring women to be held to a standard that only exists for women. You don’t discuss Brian Cranstons wrinkle change, why is that? Why do we only discuss female appearance? Ingrained sexism, misogyny, male apologists, seriously, the list goes on. Asking why a person looks much heavier is one thing (pregnancy?) expecting an actress to conform to your standards of beauty because its expected? You’re a giant ass.

      • Lori

        Its unfair that women get judged more then men – for sure. But her face change/weight gain was so drastic from season 2 to 3 that I googled it and found this page. She quite literally looks like a different person.

      • D.Martin

        Right on, Jamie is a giant ass!
        (Best username ever, incidentally.)
        The only thing worse than misogynist men is women pandering to misogynist men and exhibiting the same sexism.

      • Andeee

        Jamie’s entire post was one of the most laughably idiotic things I’ve read in a while. First of all, you should probably try to stay away from the big words. You aren’t making yourself sound intellectual; you’re just making yourself sound like a try-hard pretentious ass. “Cognitive thought?” What the hell other kind is there?

        That said, the actual content of your post is fairly disturbing. Judging from your name and post, I’m assuming you’re female, which makes it all the more surprising that you buy into and promote idea that women have a “responsibility” to be attractive (to who?) in order to be successful.

        I will agree with you insofar as to say that actors (of any gender) have a responsibility to not make any drastic changes to their appearance. Film and theater might be the only two professions where, yes, it is okay to discriminate based on appearance. Not because they need to serve as eye candy, but for the sake of consistency with the character. It seems to me that, if anything, Skyler would be losing weight, given that she is mentally deteriorating and that she has started smoking. But I guess it would make sense for the character to gain weight too.
        But if for some reason, a heavier Skyler is less believable than a thin Skyler, there is something wrong. (And I don’t mean with the show)

        One last thing. This isn’t Friends. Yes, we ARE putting a lot of “cognitive” thought into it. It is a complex dynamic and fucking FANTASTIC show. It requires thought to fully appreciate. It is one of the few shows that I feel the need to be sober in order to watch. But I’m guessing you don’t put a lot of thought into anything, dear Jamie.

    • Matt

      The issue for me with the plastic surgery and substantial weight gain is that it can’t be explained within the context of the show. That’s a problem in my opinion.

      The plastic surgery is just confounding. I will never understand why she did that to her face. Just bizarre.

      As far as her character, that’s a writer’s decision to make her so unlikeable. Anna has played it well. But the writer’s have made her too much of a bitch in my opinion.

    • Sandy

      Am I the only one who thinks this makes sense in context of the show? I mean, Skylar only recently found out her huband has cancer, then she finds out he’s a drug dealer. Then of course, she has a young infant, and an emotional teenager with a disability. Oh, and plenty of people who seem to hate her, or think she’s the one in the wrong. That’d be enough to stress anyone out. So, she eats…and eats, and eats. Who’s to say that’s not her way of coping? Jesse turns to drugs. Walt seems to need to cook. What’s the big deal? As far as the plastic surgery goes, I didn’t notice anything. Then again, I wasn’t dissecting her piece by piece.

    • Reno

      I looked her up after the third episode of breaking bad season 4 after thinking to myself “is it me or did her character become a little bigger (to put it in a nice way)?”. So yeah… i looked it up on google and typed it in as Anna Gunn Fat… or fatter or heavy etc to find out if I was indeed noticing something others were too. This doesn’t mean I am a mean person focused on her health and appearance and who doesn’t care about her character – which, btw… i kind of love to hate (meaning I enjoy her acting for creating these emotions toward a character).

      So long story short… just because a lot of ppl looked her up and added the key word fat, such as it was in my case, doesn’t mean a thing.

    • Daniel Shepherd

      She did get fat though.

    • Jack O’Niel

      If this blog had been written by a man, I might have given it some consideration.

      • fuck you

        you’re an absolute door knob

    • http://www.facebook.com/slastoe Steve Lastoe

      She got considerably larger and people noticed – so what?

    • Tara Kaneko

      An actor’s job is to portray a character, including the visual aspects of the character, and as such they are under contract to maintain a certain look, for the sake of the show’s continuity. So when an TV actor has plastic surgery, gets a tan, or gains/loses a significant amount of weight, the continuity suffers, and the show suffers. It’s not about attacking Gunn on a personal level; her inability to keep her weight under control directly affects her ability to provide us with convincing continuity for Skyler White, which means she has failed at a fundamental aspect of her job. When people fail at their jobs, should they not get called out on that? The issue was not a gradual change from seasons 1 through to 4, as you suggested; she gained a significant amount of weight between the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 4, which made no sense in the timeline of the story, because it made it look like she suddenly ballooned up overnight. It was distracting and made it very difficult for the viewer to continue to suspend disbelief. If you don’t think that warrants mentioning, I’m not sure how else to explain it. When you are an actor, maintaining your physical appearance for a role is a major part of your job, and if you don’t do it, yes, people are going to talk about that.

      • tokenmixedgirl

        I just got myself up to speed with Breaking bad, and I couldn’t have said it better myself. I personally have no issue with the weight gain itself- as a matter of fact, I like it better than trying to figure out if Courtney Love was a relative. But watching the episodes back to back and seeing basically a whole new person, it was very jarring.

        All that aside, however, it didn’t keep me from enjoying the 4th season. I bit a whole in my lip watching the last half of it.

      • Tigernan Quinn

        You, and your screen name, are boring.

      • TokenMixedGirl

        Cute. Late troll is late.

      • TokenMixedGirl

        Cute. Late troll is… wow.. ridiculously late.

      • Bob

        it’s been a stressful couple of months for her character. Is it so unbelievable that she would put on some weight?

      • Will You Shut UP

        Not in 24 hours you idiot. Did you even read this article?

      • Tigernan Quinn

        Uh, did you fuckpants?

      • Hyingdutchguy

        Jesus Christ, i’ts just a motherfucking show.

        Lay back and relax.

      • Barbara

        Amen to that. I love Breaking Bad as much as the next person, but at the end of the day, it is just a TV show, an elaborate story with cool effects. As humans we’re just obsessed with being told stories. People make such a big deal out of the silliest things.

      • generationpolitics

        Over reacting to a blog comment? Maybe you should take your own advice dutch douche

      • leila

        agree & well said

      • knottymama

        How in the fuck does her weight affect the story’s continuity?? Womens’ (especially childbearing women) and other humans’ weight changes! It actually makes the plot more realistic. She looks like a woman that has had a baby and is trying to keep it together through impossible odds, not like an actress with a personal trainer, private chef, and home gym.

      • CWilson

        That’s really kind of bullshit, since ALL the characters have quite visibly aged five years in what is supposed to be about a one year and a half time span. None of them look the same as when they started. Why focus on Anna Gunn? I never even noticed her weight gain.

      • BellPell

        She is an actress portraying a woman with a recently born child. If you think that having weight change does not correspond to that for her character, that seems a bit disingenuous. On top of the recent childbirth, her character is also under a lot of stress.

        So if you want to look at it that way, she’s staying in character, and an excellent actress. Unless you don’t think that last bit warrants mentioning.

      • ChrRome

        Within the show’s continuity, she gained that weight within a couple hours. That is hardly believable. The fact that It’s noticeable removes the ability to suspend disbelief, which is a detriment to the show that she is directly responsible for.

      • Tigernan Quinn

        And if that matters to a single person who is somehow unaware of how that was shot a season apart, then I will tell them to get a fucking life, or kill themselves and then they can hang with Heisenberg forever.

      • Glenn

        The character Skyler White had a BABY. She looks fantastic considering. Shut your sexist man-face

      • Heather

        There is no limit to American superficiality and the sheer number so idiots that buy into the Enquiring Minds ethos. This Tara chick is a fine example of our moral and intellectual decline. I can’t wait to Google more of her pearls of wisdom.

      • Heather

        What a huge paragraph to explain why you are shallow. Who cares? Her acting is good, better than before, and I like where Skyler is going. Where the eff do you get the idea that acting is about maintaining a certain weight? Did you just say an actor fails at his/her job if he gains weight???? Haven’t you ever known humans in the real world to gain/lose weight. I guess not. Perhaps you move in limited circles. Do you actually care if an actor gets a tan? Jesus Christ. I see dim prospects for your future and that of humanity, my friend. Get a life.

      • Tigernan Quinn

        Holy shit. You’re the stupidest person on the Internet, and that is reallllllly saying something.

      • Tara, London Bitch!

        You talk so much shit, I can smell your breath from here!

    • ass

      i hate that fucking cunt.

      • sharindipity

        well you got your name right, worthless piece of shit…..

    • http://www.facebook.com/andie.laps Andie Laps

      Wow she is one ugly duck!

    • DroidDont

      Right… actors need to maintain weight so a story about a chemistry teacher with cancer turned meth producer will be more believable… shut up Christian Bale.

      • pQue

        dude… it’s not about how believable the plot of the show is. You probably never heard about the concept “suspension of disbelief”. In this context, when the viewer is suspending his disbelief for the sake of immersion, such an exogenous shock as the immense weight gain of an actor from literally one episode to the next is critical. You see there’s two dimensions of incredibility. The one that people can suspend, because it’s part of the diegesis… let’s say lightsabers in Star Wars for example. And then there’s one which simply can not be ignored, because it triggers artefact-emotions which pull you out of the desired immersion. Examples would be really bad acting, Charlton Heston wearing a wrist watch in Ben Hur, or simply Skyler gaining like 20-30 pounds from one moment to the next in diegetic time.

      • Katastrofie

        That’s cute- using those big words incorrectly along with improper sentences and punctuation. Did someone buy you a big-kid thesaurus?

      • Xavier Mertz

        Weak. The comment is entirely on point, how about addressing its elements rather stooping to silly playground insults.

    • switch625

      I started watching Breaking Bad last year and I recently watched seasons 1 through 4 and noticed her face change over the seasons. Count me as one who likes her “fuller” face of seasons 3-5, it’s sexy to me. Recent award shows pics makes me think she is back to Season 1-2 face.

    • Steve

      At more than one point in the show, I did not recognize her. For example, the scene where she gets the black bag out of the closet and looks at the money inside. I was thinking “is that their babysitter finding the money?” I couldn’t tell it was supposed to be her, and it left me puzzled for the next couple episodes until a lack of mention of a babysitter led me to realize that it was skyler. That’s bad.

    • Joe

      I clicked the link to this diatribe simply wanting to know if Anna Gunn had a baby in real life, geez, lighten up (pun intended).

    • http://twitter.com/MsheArt2_Mia Mia Efr

      She’s not fat, it’s nonsense that echos from the shallow society we live in… we all gain some weight as we age, ( if lucky enough to age) it’s neither here nor there. Good article, spot on. I think she’s an excellent actress

      • Shutupfeminist

        Well it’s in that same shallow society that actors get paid an obscene amount of money to play a character and try to maintain some continuity of that character’s appearance. It’s not nonsense to put down the damn fork when you earn more in a week than most people do in a year or more.

      • Tony

        She got fat.

    • bonnie

      Just finished watched Breaking Bad Fourth Season and I was so taken aback with Skylar’s weight that I had to google her to see if she was pregnant. Unfortunately she was not pregnant but just put on weight and changed her hair.

    • FatHappy

      The only reason I like seeing her get fat is because she was trying soooo hard be sexy in the earlier seasons.

    • DonkeyPunch

      You keep praising her acting skills,Why? Besides being fat, she’s not that good of an actress

      • Hyingdutchguy

        Yes she is.

        It’s just a fucking show, get a life.

    • DonkeyPunch

      She’s on tv. She should’ve at least kept up her appearance through the show. The only exceptable way I can except this horrific body change is if the producers or writers said to gain weight to make it look like she’s stressed from Walter’s behavior. But i doubt that,She’s disgusting and hard to look at. I take my bathroom break when Hank’s wife and Skylar come on the screen together. UGH

      • asda

        It’s “acceptable” and “accept” you illiterate bastard. Fuck off and die.

    • MoralRealistBS

      Wow… this article really changed my life.

    • Dre

      She ruined the show–too bad.

      • Dre

        She’s literally breaking Breaking Bad. By sitting on it.

    • Everett

      Anna Gunn gained like 12 pounds? No problem. But Audience would like to have one little reference, a link to Skyler’s fuller figure in S3E1. It was so big a difference, that I bet many people paused the show just to google about her. She could blame nursing, she could be overeating from the divorce and job stresses, she (Skyler, the character)
      could even be a victim from a bad sexual joke from Hank, something about being lonely
      and thus compulsively eating. The show could elegantly add this little thickness to the
      plot, and so keep the continuity. IMO, there’s nobody unhappy about Anna Gunn’s
      weight, haircut, nor her commitment to the character. It’s normal to gain or lose weight,
      hair ou muscle. I think the writers (or director) just missed this opportunity to make the show a bit more lifelike. A single reference, or crack about her weight (besides the look that Beneke takes on her cleavage) would have avoided all this fuss.

      • Tony

        More like 20 pounds

      • knottymama

        But why would they need to reference it? Heisenberg is a colossal asshole in other aspects, but he’s not shallow. Anybody with two brain cells to rub together could surmise that A) all of the reasons you mentioned could cause weight gain and B) it’s a fucking tv show with real life people acting and not mannequins.

    • http://www.facebook.com/adrienne.hodges1 Adrienne Porter Hodges

      To be fair, Dean Norris has gotten fatter and fatter as the show has gone on. At least Anna doesn’t have multiple chins and a massive gut.

      • BHodges

        Dean Norris is fine. Now this isn’t a double standard, it’s that we’re used to seeing him as hunky. He works for the DEA, and I doubt someone skinny could do the job.

        Plus, Anna does have multiple chins. That’s why her camera time is starting to dwindle a bit. Gilligan is trying to cover her weight up by making her wear a robe and short pan ins. Not only did she gain 50-80 pounds, but her haircut makes it worse.

        Dean on the other hand, has the same haircut, and you don’t distinguish is weight gain, if he had any.

      • Tuco Salamanca

        50-80 Pounds are you fucking serious. do you know how much 50-80 pounds are? yes? does anna gunn look like beth dito? NO. Back to math class with you

      • Youlose

        You’re right. It was more like 85-90.

      • Nora Anne-Marie

        Wow you have no idea how bodies and lbs. work do you?! That is the weight of a child–like maybe 10 years old. It’s’ not even funny to joke that she put on the weight of a 10 year old because it’s absurd. Maybe she put on some weight, I didn’t notice and don’t care… but don’t be a moron.

    • manmoon

      Yeah, Anna Gunn is definitely an outstanding actress, period! Now, saying that she gained considerable weight between seasons 3 and 4 is no cruelty, rather reality.

      Why and how did that happen isn’t the matter, however for those who have been following the show, Skyler’s metamorphosis from one episode to the other affected briefly the audience fruition of the series.

      Is that a big deal? Don’t think so!

    • Tuco Salamanca

      I really don’t understand how people react to Anna Gunns weight gain. Am I the only one who actually thinks she looks more feminine, looks even better with some extra pounds? Yes, I judge her for the obvious plastic surgery thing. Becaus she didn’t end up looking better, but worse instead. That’s what you could call “gone wrong”. STILL, she does a great acting job, and FFS, she SURE is one of the best played characters on the show. And to the people complaining about credibility of a character getting lost by changing its appearance: are you serious?! What else is more relatable or realistic than a woman gaining some pounds throughout some tough months? What in gods name is wrong about putting on some weight, considering the fact that your husband is a meth-cooking, law-violating egoamaniac. For fucks sake, just let that woman live, I think she looks beautiful, and i sure as hell would not mind her being my own wife, character-wise as well as looks-wise.

      • ChrRome

        It wasn’t that she gained weight through the span of months, it was that she gained that weight in the span of hours within the show’s continuity.

    • Tony

      Nobody cares about acting ability. Gunn got fat. She use to be hot, now not so much. Her Agent needs to get her ass in the gym. Hollywood is very competitive, you need to keep up your appearance.

    • leila

      her character sucked thats why ppl obsessed with that, terrible acting. and why with so many lip injections!!

    • nikolas mavrofrydis

      hi !

    • bule


    • Bob Parr

      Anna Gunn is hot!

    • Anto_Directioner_

      am you wat?

    • Louise H

      Please unsubscribe me.

    • http://movietimess.com/ Imran Smith

      I don’t think that’s too much bad…..

    • Emily

      OK her wait gain is distracting, but Jesse’s suddenly shaved haircut isn’t? All of the other actors have had unexplained physical changes, but people only care about Anna Gunn’s body shape because she’s one of the few female actors on the show. Certainly the one with the most screentime, thus making her change more apparent. This is such a double standard.

      • DicKie

        If you remembered clearly Jesse shaved his head in the episode where Walt went to his house and Jesse was shaving some guys head on the stairs. That was during Jesse’s second major breakdown a few episodes before he re-painted his house. IMO, it’s not a major problem or a problem at all the Anna gained weight, it’s the fact that the time difference between season 3 – 4 is mearly a few hours. No one is capable of looking the same for long, especially not forever. Your either going to age or gain/loose weight. Most in consistency can be explained while watching the show except the sudden overnight weight gain, but the fact remains the same that she still looks great and is a great actress and most of all like it has already been said its just a show.

    • Evil Male

      Fat women sticking up for fat women. In season one she was quite attractive. Now she looks like generic shorthaired, fat, thin upper lip, over-dyed uninteresting Mom, and those like her IRL will defend her. Psycho babble about it’s really the man’s fault and the cheating adulteress suffers as victim of deflection of moral judgment is lame. Turn her into a victim because she’s fat. In reality, I’m mad because I’m disappointed since I used to like her.

      • sharindipity

        what’s hilarious to me is…LOOK AT HER NOW…WHEN SHE WON HER EMMY. And i’m in fantastic shape. Who gives a shit if she gained/got pregnant/couldn’t lose the baby weight…..she’s a FANTASTIC actress….So lemme guess-you like her again?

    • mystic mare

      ok, this is an old comment stream but i only started watching BB recently. the main problem i have with anna gun is her botoxed face. she is constantly expressinless, even in very stressful scenes. it is bad acting if you cannot even move you face! how much better she would be if she didnt have that big botoxed forehead!

    • ad

      This is a very pointless blog. Isn’t there more important things to write about? I hate her cruel character anyway, I’m hoping the off her character on the television show son I can enjoy the rest of it.

    • HR Holmer

      Just watched the whole series on Netflix (and the last few episodes on Amazon). So, for me, the change of seasons between Size 10 Anna and Size 18 Anna happened a few minutes apart. Interestingly, on the show timeline, similarly, only a few minutes (hours at most) had supposedly elapsed — she was supposed to be in the same scene! So, when I saw her, it was FRIGHTENING. More importantly, it was highly damaging to the believability of series. We know Skyler didn’t just pop around the corner to a doughnut shop to gain 50+ pounds, and stop off in the bathroom after returning to quickly snip off 10-inches of her hair. It was clearly a massive weight-gain: she’s tall, and it takes a LOT of weight to put on 8 sizes to an already heavy-in-the-hip frame. And the neck-length cut is what every woman gets on the (bad) advice of her white-trash hairdresser in the wake of massive weight-gain, since “that will make you look thinner”. It was a terrible disconnect that did the series no favors. Both the weight and the hair were distracting. Anna Gunn is supposedly a PROFESSIONAL, and should have known that it was her WELL-PAID JOB to stay in exactly the same shape, and have exactly the same length hair when a series resumes with her just a few minutes later than where it left off the prior season. Acting requires SELF-CONTROL, and Anna Gunn has NONE. I don’t ever see her finding work in a series again. I would NEVER CAST HER for anything that took longer than a few weeks to film in total. Not even sure I’d trust her for that. GET IT TOGETHER, Anna.

      • Richard

        jesus, lol, how bad must your life be to be this angry about something that doesn’t even matter.

    • Janet Green

      She does a fantastic job, couldn’t care less about her weight!

    • Claudia

      In a recent interview she shared that she battled with illness during the series and was on medication which made her gain weight. Having experienced this myself (gaining weight from medication) I know this is something you can do nothing about at the time. Some of these comments are so vicious and cruel. You never know what someone is going through, so think about that before cutting someone down. Awful people on here.

    • Tara, London Bitch!

      Personally I thought her weight fluctuations tied in with the story, gaining weight as a symptom of depression culminating with the pool incident. Then during her final goodbye she looked painfully thin which added a great deal to convey the stress she was under. The time line isn’t played out in real time, there has been artistic licence used to great effect. In closing you are a bunch of nasty vindictive bullies who, if you had an once of decency, would be ashamed of your unnecessary and unjustified criticism of someone you don’t even know. please feel free to post pictures of yourselves and I will go to town on every lump or bump you have!

    • Phantastic

      Actually, I just think she’s kind of homely at any weight.

    • Jim USMC Scot

      Physical beauty? Big bony feet and a face like jug head from the Archie comic strip. As far as being a good actress: she is the type of female performer that always leads with her boobs. Cleavage is not beauty or acting.