Soy Milk Is Bad For Your Teeth…But Still Better Than Gross Cow’s Milk

There is a new study out that claims soy milk is bad for your teeth and worse for your oral health than cow’s milk, but when you look at how gross cow’s milk really is, soy milk is still a better choice for your body.

Published in the Journal of Dentistry, recent research suggested that soy milk encouraged the bacteria in our mouth to produce five to six times more acid–something that contributes to plaque, tooth decay and cavities. Apparently, when soy was combined with bacteria, it became acidic within 10 minutes. Cow’s milk, on the other hand, showed no signs of acidity.

Before you swear off soy milk forever, researchers say that drinking one glass of soy milk a day is unlikely to harm our pearly whites, but drinking it more often or even allowing a baby to sip from a bottle containing soy milk all day might increase your risk for oral health problems.

Of course all of this pales in comparison to the other health problems that cow’s milk can cause.

Commercial milk is disgusting. It’s filled with growth hormones and antibiotics to make cows grow and produce unnatural–and painful– amounts of milk. And if you think drinking skim or low-fat is a healthier option, you should know that you are also getting added chemicals to make the milk appear white and creamy looking. All of this has been blamed for skin problems, acne, allergies, inflammation in the body, digestive issues and possibly accelerated growth rates with our kids. Not to mention the fact that drinking cow’s milk is simply unnatural–no other species drinks milk from another species except us.

So, continue with your soy milk. Just be sure to brush your teeth afterward.



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    • Kathleen

      It is very obvious that a person lacking any sort of nutritional sciences credentials wrote this article.

      • Chris

        Why? Because you don’t agree that it’s unnatural to drink cow’s milk? Milk is heavily processed and meant for baby cows. It’s nutritionally meant for a cow, not a human.

    • Anonymous

      Brushing your teeth is exactly what you shouldn’t do after consuming acidic beverages. Unless you brush them a minute after drinking the soy milk (before the bacteria produce significant amounts of acid) that’s when your enamel is most weakened. If you brush at that point it’s like taking sandpaper to your teeth.

    • Michael

      As far as my general knowledge goes I think soy milk is healthier than the cow milk but after reading this I have really surprised to know that soy milk is actually a real danger out teeth as it produce 5-6 times more acid compared to cow’s milk. The researchers found that the rate of acid production by S. mutans in the milk beverages was five to six times lower at pH 6.5 than in the soy beverages and three to five times lower at pH 5.5. To know more about pH and pH scale visit