True Confessions: The Weird Foods Women Eat While Alone

weird food combinations

If you were just to look at sites like Pinterest and Tumblr, you’d think everyone on the planet is always either eating in lavish restaurants, or making beautiful, artful, organic, sustainable meals for themselves. But The Eatery, which Blisstree staffers are using to log our meals this week, has made me realize a more truthful reality: That sometimes I eat some pretty weird foods which I may not want to share on the internet, and that I’m probably not alone.

My hypothesis is that, while we most often attribute strange food cravings with pregnancy, I’m pretty sure plenty of non-pregnant people get them, indulge them, and are hiding it from the world–and if asked with the promise of anonymity, most women would ‘fess up and divulge the strange things they eat when they’re blissfully alone.

So I asked. And I received.

Apparently, there are plenty of women out there who have favorite foods–that they’d prefer to eat in privacy, for fear of judgement. Which is interesting, because really, taste is entirely subjective and there’s no reason that peanut butter and pickles (one of my favorites) is that much weirder than peanut butter and bananas.

And so, in the interest of coming out of the food-shame closet (in one case, literally), here are some of the actual foods that your friends, family, and coworkers may be eating in secret. As always, feel free to share yours in the comments–trust me, it feels good to admit it.

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    • cheese!

      pickles rolled in swiss cheese, yes so delish!

    • Mary

      I eat spaghetti sauce and/or salsa right out of the jar. Sometimes this is my lunch or dinner. I know it grosses out other people, but I love the cold flavor of the tomatoes and all those spices.

      • Briana Rognlin

        Weird! I do the same exact thing! And here I thought I was the only one…I went through a phase where I’d eat string cheese and cold marinara for dinner, and loved it. I feel like there must be some kind of vitamin or mineral in marinara that makes me crave it, though, because it’s not something I like all the time…just this weirdly strong craving i get maybe once a year.

    • Amanda

      Love love love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, even my kids love it!

    • Steph

      I like to have a wasa cracker covered in a thin layer or hot sauce, my husband thinks I have a weird hot sauce addiction, and he might be right!

    • Amy

      Hearts of Palm – I decimate a jar (6 hearts) during a sitting. I love the texture and taste. Thinking I might have to save the marinade for use in something like a Bloody Mary…

      Also – love the seaweed snacks from Trader Joes.

    • Kristina

      Refried beans. Like, a whole can at a time, with nothing else on it. My fiance gives me very strange looks.

    • Kate

      “[I]f asked with the promise of anonymity, most women would ‘fess up and divulge the strange things they eat when they’re blissfully alone.”

      They would, and they did, in a book called “What We Eat When We Eat Alone” by Deborah Madison (2009) ISBN 1423604962

      • Kate

        …and my confession is “Baloney (Oscar Mayer only) fried until it’s black and charred on plain Wonder Bread, with nothing else.”

    • Al Beonmyway

      This is the stupidest article I’ve ever read. Thanks for wasting my time. What’s weird about cottage cheese?

    • chips and dip

      my ultimate thing to indulge in is chips with french onion chip dip. Especially with cheddar & sour cream ruffled chips. I could eat the whole bag! Not really weird, just a really unhealthy but soo delicious treat..

      I too will eat plain marinara sauce like the ladies above said. Sometimes I’ll take some steamed veggies and eat it with marinara sauce, but the veggies are drenched in sauce, so they’re basically just a vehicle for the sauce :)

      another favorite indulgence is plain white bread, toasted with butter/or butter and cinnamon sugar. I usually only eat healthy whole-wheat bread because I know how terrible the plain white refined bread is for me, so sometimes I’d rather have plain white toast as my dessert. DELISH and soooo addictive! You can’t eat one slice!

    • Abena

      Wasabi rice crackers with unsweetened peanut butter. Not that weird if you think about it (crunchy, salty, spicy, savory. Perfect.), but definitely gets me an odd look from the buyfriend.

    • Ashley

      I think the thing I’ve gotten the most weird looks for are my peanut butter and funyun(yes the chips) sandwiches. I don’t know if this is weird or not but also putting just salt on plain white rice.

      I also really like what I’ve heard is called “white trash pizza” Toast a piece of bread, spread tomato sauce, add a slice of cheese. It’s heavenly

    • NotThumper

      one of my favorite combinations and to me, the ultimate comfort food is ground chicken, elbow macaroni, stove top stuffing, and gravy all mixed together.

      I haven’t had it in years but I do love it. ;)

    • Amy

      My favourite part of pizza or quesadillas is when the cheese melts onto the pan and gets cripsy…. soooo occasionally I’ll put cheddar cheese directly onto a pan until it crisps up and eat it without any accompanying food.