Abby Wambach Punched, Lady Andrade Suspended. Andrade Blames U.S. Soccer Team

The Colombian soccer player, Lady Andrade, who was accused of “sucker punching” Abby Wambach in the eye on Saturday is being forced to sit out her team’s next two games. She denies that the punch was intentional (she says it “was just a normal part of the game”), but instead of defending her game, she’s focused on her message that the U.S. should be disciplined…just for being the U.S.

Wambach joked about her appearance and shared a photo of her black eye on twitter over the weekend:

But offline, she’s asked that FIFA discipline Andrade for the injury–video footage of the game shows her punching Wambach in the face, causing Wambach to fall to the ground in pain, but no officials took note until after the game.

Andrade’s response has been glib; she’s said through an interpreter that “nothing happened,” and “it was just a normal part of the game.” She claims they were both running, and she happened to have her hands in the air as Wambach ran across her and they collided.

But in response to reports that Wambach wants FIFA to discipline her for foul play, she said:

I think they should be, too, because they’re the United States. The whistle always goes in their favor. They were hitting us and hitting us, but there was never a whistle.

Andrade isn’t the first to note that the U.S. often has an advantage over other teams–and I don’t necessarily disagree with her (although I’m not familiar enough with soccer to say whether her claim that FIFA always rules in favor of the U.S. team). But punching one of the most popular U.S. players probably wasn’t a good move (and a hard punch to someone’s face seems an unlikely result of ‘having your hands in the air while someone’s running’). Playing nice isn’t part of the game, and injuries do happen, but…talking trash about your opponents in response to accusations that you didn’t play by the rules isn’t a good show of sportsmanship, either.

Photo: Twitter

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    • Chrisfiore

      Saw it all on YouTube:

      She should have just been sent home… disgrace.

    • Ana


    • Lastango

      Hopefully Lady Andrade will soon be going home with her tail between her legs. Anti-Americanism may play well where she lives, but losing doesn’t. And she’s a loser.

    • Nora Barnacle

      No pro-U.S. bias exists in soccer. It’s actually quite the opposite. For proof, see the number of entirely valid goals the U.S. men’s World Cup team had pulled out of the net based upon bad, arguably biased, officiating. Lady (ironic name, to an English speaker, considering her behavior) lacks class, both as a person and as a player, and FIFA’s punishment wasn’t severe enough. Shame on the entire Colombian team, too, for not putting the ball out of play when a player was down with an above-the-shoulders injury. That is basic etiquette in anyone’s book–well, anyone who understands both soccer and sportsmanship.

    • mdbrewin^

      Disgrace! the coach should be sent home as well for not pulling Lady….wait “Lady??” OK stop the thug sucker punched Wambach. She is no Lady she is a street thug and should be suspended for good. Not only that if this was a Sunday game I bet 5 to 1 Wambach would have kicked her ass. Still discgrace and pathetic and a 2 game suspension just shows some Columbian drug lord has paid enough moeny to keep this WENCH around.

    • Ally

      Wait…I’m a pretty big soccer fan but I don’t recall any particular incident in which refs favour the US team? Am I missing something here? Either way, that’s pure aggression right there and shouldn’t be tolerated. It’s bad sportsmanship on her behalf and should’ve been given a red card right off the bat.