Prends-Moi Perfume Promises Weight Loss, But Smells Like Total BS

Get a whiff of this: There is a new perfume on the market that promises it can help you lose weight. That’s right, the French fragrance is called Prends-Moi, and thanks to its bouquet of don’t-be-fat chemicals, it claims that it will “slim with pleasure.” It’s something that reeks of yet another get-thin-quick scam, and yet, they already have a waiting list of over 6,000 suckers.

Based on “aromatherapeutic” and “neurocosmetic” research, Veld’s has developed this new fragrance that includes scents of caffeine, carnitine, and spirulina, which supposedly act as lipolysis or fat degradation. They also claim it can curb our appetites and control our lack of willpower that makes us want to do normal things like eat.

And based on a trial study, Prends Moi is claiming that it actually works. Women between the ages of 18 and 70 found that 75% felt the perfume limited the need to snack and 73% felt a feeling of pleasure. What kind of pleasure? The kind that comes with wasting your money and putting a big fat “sucker” sign on your forehead?

Further BS claims say that by simply massaging this fragrance onto all of our targeted areas (i.e., fatty cellulite spots we like to pretend don’t exist),it will help “sculpt and slim the contours of the body.”

Spray some on and not only will you smell good, but you’ll lose inches! Yeah, right.

Please tell us that you are not one of the 6,000 suckers waiting to try this?



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    • Sawyer Dannel

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