Bill Clinton Is Trying To Stay Sane, So He Hires Buddhist Monk Of Course

His wife may be busy taking body-snarking jabs from the media about her weight and her lack of make-up (gasp!), but instead of rushing to her rescue, Bill Clinton is busy meditating. In fact, the former president has hired himself a Buddhist monk to help him relax and forget all about those nasty media folks (who weren’t so kind to him either, back in the day).

In addition to being a vegan now, the 65 year-old continues to look for ways to improve his health. According to RadarOnline, Clinton now wants to learn how to meditate properly and stay sane:

Ever since his heart scare, Bill has looked for ways to help him relax. He has a hectic life, he travels a lot on business as an ambassador for the U.S. and needs something to keep him sane.

The source for RadarOnline went on to say that Clinton has even included chanting into his spiritual-seeking endeavors:

Meditation offers him that, he has a mantra that he likes to chant and after every session he feels transformed and full of positive energy. It’s definitely doing him the world of good – he feels fitter and stronger than ever.

As you probably recall, Clinton has had a myriad of health problems including quadruple bypass surgery, a partially collapsed lung and two coronary stents implanted in his heart. After all of that, he declared that he was stepping away from his less-than-healthy diet, which included many trips to McDonald’s. Since then he has gone vegetarian, then vegan and now spiritual seeker. To which we say: Namaste, Mr. Clinton!




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      Living a healthy life is fundamentals of Meditation. Buddhism goes beyond staying healthy.

    • Nishan

      The western also follow the buddhism.. “The Buddhism for Intelligent people only”

    • James Patrick McGrath

      I wonder how Bill gets his hemoglobin.