Meatless Monday: 10 Not-Boring Vegetarian Wrap Recipes For Back-To-School

low-fat vegetarian wrap recipe ideas

I used to always shrug off a vegetarian wrap as a sort of poor man’s sandwich. And then I started working a crazy job with a crazy schedule and realized that wraps are awesome for busy, hungry, non-meat eaters. So for back-to-school (or work), we’re going to be focusing on vegan and vegetarian wrap ideas.

Here are just a few reasons wraps rock:

  • They’re portable. Roll ‘em in foil and pack ‘em away. Then eat them on the run!
  • They’re low calorie. Tortillas and other wraps tend to be lower in calories, fat, and carbs than bread.
  • They’re customizable. Sweet? Savory? Protein-heavy? Stuffed with veggies? It’s your call.

Sold? Let’s get to wrapping with some of these awesome vegetarian wrap recipes from around the ‘net.

Image and recipe via Healthy Blender Recipes / Low Fat Vegan Chef

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