Snooki Gives Breastfeeding Her Seal Of Approval, Proving People Do Change

snooki baby breastfeeding

Since giving birth to her first child on Sunday, Snooki has been a real pal about keeping the world up-to-date on what she’s up to. Tweeting everything from her messy hair to her approach to sleep (“We just take lots of naps”), the reality TV star seems to be on a mission to show to her many critics that she is, in fact, a good mom. But by far the biggest proof that Snook is a real human being with real emotions is her newfound appreciation for breastfeeding.

As you may recall, Snooki has not always been so on-board with this method of feeding. Remember when gave a not-very-heartening interview to Us Weekly back in June where she said she was “scared” of breastfeeding, because it seemed painful? That wasn’t a great moment for her. She also noted in the interview that she’d like to pump, because breastmilk is good for the baby, but that that, too, seemed strange to her.

“It’s kind of like you’re a cow and you’re just milking,” she told the magazine.

Eesh. But all that is in the past! Now, the donut-haired Jersey girl seems to be just fine with both options, Tweeting that she both breastfeeds and pumps and, it seems, thinks it’s the greatest thing of all time.

snooki pregnancy

See? She loves it!

snooki baby

She also likes it because of what it does for her figure.

snooki pregnancy breastfeeding

Awwww, get it? Because she used to fist-pump. And now she breast-pumps.

Earlier this week, I was pretty nervous for Snooki. After the news broke that she’d had her baby, the various social media channels were overrun with people making cruel, body-snarking, generally-unfunny comments about her figure, about her “evil spawn,” and about how she was basically ruining the world.

But if Snooki has come around to breastfeeding–which is full of healthy benefits for both mom and kid–and is being open about her experience with little Lorenzo, I feel pretty confident that she’ll be able to put all the hurtful remarks behind her and just do what’s best for her little dude.

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