7 Makeup Mistakes We’ve All Made (And How To Never Make Them Again)

makeup mistakes women make

I don't even know where to start.

I’ve already written about the many reasons why I love makeup. But liking cosmetics doesn’t mean I’m great at actually putting them on my face. In fact, I’m actually kind of terrible at it. I’ve made many makeup mistakes in my day. Everyone has. Celebrities do it all the time. But the key to avoiding cosmetic catastrophes isn’t really getting better at makeup, it’s just learning tricks to avoid making yourself look like a Ganguro girl.

Over a lifetime of trial-and-error (mostly error–some day I’ll post a picture of me when I was 12 and I thought silver eyeshadow was the best invention since graphic t-shirts), I’ve figured out a few things to take the guesswork out of makeup. Here are those tricks.

Image: A Ganguro girl, courtesy of OusiderJapan.

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    • Maggie

      Oh my GOD, silver eyeshadow was my best friend in middle school! I used to wear it in a straight line across my lids and whatever flavor of Lip Smackers I had in my pocket that day. Something else I did in middle school: darker color shadow on the lids and light color all the way up to my eyebrows. Ew.

    • Kerala

      I don’t know what your arms are like, but the skin on the inside of my elbow is significantly lighter than my face skin. Any bronzer “no darker” than that would be like… just my regular face powder, in the shade I use in winter.

    • Carrie Murphy

      I also wore silver eyeshadow in middle school. I had a “cool” outfit, which consisted of: a Roxy tshirt with a hula girl on it, green shorts, and silver eyeshadow up to the brow WITH gobs of silver body glitter applied on top. And rhinestone butterfly hair clips.

    • Ols

      Come on. None of this is real people, and several of them are taken of people PLAYING A ROLE. Believe me, we knew at the time nobody would wear eye makeup like Mimi. The tanning chick is playing a role, soap opera people didn’t look like that off-camera; everyone pictured had stylists and makeup artists making them look how they do. Lil Kim has her signature look. She never looks anything but that, like Nikki Minaj and Tammy Faye. This had real potential to be real makeup mistakes made by real people. What a waste.

      • Malaise

        Yeah, the images are of celebrities or characters for the HUMOR. But these are still makeup mistakes that are very common. Pull the needlessly judgemental stick out of your butt.

    • who cares

      That main image you have is not a makeup mistake. It’s a Japanese trend called Ganguro. Saying that’s a mistake is like saying wearing black eyeliner is a mistake for the goth culture. Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean it’s wrong… in fact, every ‘mistake’ you mention is not necessarily a mistake to the people doing it.