Real Women Talk: The Junk Foods I Just Can’t Give Up

real women junk food cravings

Swedish fish and Cheez-Its. Those are the junk foods, that, no matter what, I’m just not willing to give up. Normally, my diet is filled with healthy food like spinach and quinoa and Greek yogurt, but sometimes I’ve just got to plunk down on my couch and eat some chewy, sugary red fish. You know? I know you know—because I asked some health-conscious women what processed foods they crave, and they all had plenty to say.

After all, eating healthfully is great; but we all need a splurge now and then, too. I was fascinated by some of the answers I got (chocolate is hardly represented at all!). Here’s the dish.

What is the junk food you refuse to eradicate from your diet? Share in the comments!

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    • Fabel

      MMM there is definitely something about processed mac & cheese that’s so good. And even though I’m normally kind of a pizza snob, sometimes I just crave junk pizza!

    • Elizabeth Nolan Brown

      Sugar free red bull and beef jerky (especially the kind that comes packaged with cheese). And at my parent’s house, these addictive Mike Sell’s cheese puffs.

    • Meghan Keane

      What is Biscoff spread?

      • woo

        It is best you don’t know. Oh man, I could eat a jar of it riiiight now!!

    • Joanna

      Pizza… forever in my <3 !