Jessica Simpson Now Says Weight Watchers Isn’t About Weight Loss

Jessica Simpson continues to make headlines–about, what else, her weight. The new mom has finally revealed her long-awaited commercial for Weight Watchers, but in watching it, we noticed something strange: Never once does Simpson show her body. Is she ashamed, embarrassed or simply not ready to go public with a big post-baby reveal? No. According to her, being a spokesperson for a weight-loss company and being featured in their ads should have nothing to do with her weight. Huh?

The new Weight Watchers commercial features Simpson in a number in a very tight shots. In addition to some awkward mouth poses, you only see Simpson close up, meaning, just her head and shoulders are visible. You never once see her full body, which is strange because that’s the thing that Weight Watchers is supposed to be helping her with. It’s supposed to be about weight loss, right? So then why doesn’t she show her body with the weight that she’s lost?

Well, Simpson explained to Katie Couric that being a spokesperson for WW is not about her losing weight, and that’s why she chose not to show her full body in the ads:

I really didn’t want it to be about my weight because I know that everybody has their weight and has their own issues. I wanted it to be about the spirit of Weight Watchers and how I was feeling…

Wait, what? You don’t want Weight Watchers to be about losing weight? It’s all about the spirit of the program, not the results of dropping pounds and getting healthier?

That just seems fishy. Sure, Simpson’s body–or any woman’s body, really–is ordinarily none of our business. BUT, when she is repping a weight loss company and featured in their weight loss ad, it should be about her weight loss. Not that we expect her to be in a size 4 after just giving birth and not that we are champing at the bit to body snark and judge her post-baby belly. Because we’re not.

But if you’re going to tell other women to join Weight Watchers and lose weight, then you  should at least be honest about your struggles, your ups and downs of weight loss and an imperfect body–the very things that virtually every woman faces at some point. And that means talking about –and showing–your body and not saying things like, oh, it’s all about the “spirit” of the program. Anything else just feels fake.

Are we missing something here?

Take a look at the commercial and tell us what you think:



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    • Joanna

      I am a bit obsessed with Jessica and her weight chronicles. In these interviews and in the commercial, she voices that she felt she’s under a lot of pressure to lose weight and that the media’s criticism is rough. She put on a considerable amount of weight and I suspect she’s just not ready to reveal her body yet.

      Also, the “I’m just Jessica” and “living in the real world” stance of hers bugs me. She’s worth $1 billion. She’s got a $4 million contract with Weight Watchers. That’s NOT the real world!

    • scallywag

      One can of course applaud Ms Simpson’s effort to attain a healthy body but one can’t help detect a touch of cynicism as her weight problems are being parceled as that of the every day woman when in fact Ms Simpson is hardly an every day woman given the many advantages she enjoys as a highly paid spokesperson and reality actress. Then again isn’t that why she was chosen to be a role model in the first place as American women go through the daily grind of self condemnation and unrealistic expectations to look like the barbie doll that not even Ms Simpson has been able to approximate for the longest while.