• Mon, Sep 17 2012

Should Kate Middleton Have Covered Up And Expected Body-Gawking?

The news just keeps getting worse for Kate Middleton. Despite legal action by the royal family, more websites and magazines are publishing topless photos of Kate while she was on vacation with Prince William. And, while some would say this is a complete invasion of privacy, others say Kate should have expected this would happen and really should just stay “covered up.”

An Italian gossip magazine, Chi, owned by former Premier Silvio Berlusconi is the latest to publicize the topless photos of Kate taken while sunbathing. They are reportedly running a 26-page spread of the Duchess of Cambridge, including photos no one else has seen yet.

And according to Chi’s editor Alfonso Signorini, Kate deserves this scandal:

If I had had more scandalous photos I would have willingly published them.

He went on to say that the Duchess was “not exactly Alice in Wonderland, she should have expected this.”

As if that’s not bad enough, CNN published an editorial by Roland Martin who said Kate really needs “a lesson or two on what you need to do in this media-obsessed world.”

In a completely sexist article, Martin started out by blaming Kate for this incident:

Brits are aghast at the breach of protocol, and Buckingham Palace is threatening legal action. Good luck with that. They are better off sitting Kate down with the same person who had to counsel Prince Harry after his butt-naked romp in a Las Vegas suite.

He went on to try to shame Kate–and anyone else–for showing their body:

Look, I’m not the least bit insensitive to the shock and horror of the young married couple seeing magazine photos of themselves sunbathing on private property in France. Yet my mama and daddy always taught me that if you don’t want someone to see your private parts, then don’t show them in public for someone to see.

In public? They weren’t in public. Kate and Prince William were vacationing in a private home where they thought they were entitled to complete solitude and separation from the public. Since when is it an open invitation for the media to gawk at someone’s body in the privacy of their own home?

Martin sums it up by again blaming Kate for her bad judgment:

Call it despicable and degrading, but it also creates a situation that requires common sense. Kate, unless you know for sure that no one else’s prying eyes — or camera — will see you, don’t sunbathe naked.

Contrary to what these sexist guys think, Kate has every right to do what she wants with her body in the privacy of her own home–or vacation home.

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  • scallywag

    What’s been interesting in the latest debacle with respect to the posted images is the royal’s insistence that they have been violated and stalked. Which on some level may be true but what the royal house is failing to acknowledge or refusing to publicly acknowledge is that the institution of the monarchy has become less and less meaningful and has become a kind of nonsensical charade based on feudal sensibilities which insult most people’s intelligence given the great social injustices at play.

    The royals were bound to be reduced to the status of Lindsay Lohan meets Charlie Sheen in a crack wet dream gone wrong….and the public is loving it….