Healthy Eating On A Budget: 7 Superfoods You Can Definitely Afford

superfoods for fall

Despite USDA reviews, anecdotal evidence, and plenty of articles from magazines and websites like ours, there’s still this prevailing, problematic idea that eating healthy has to be expensive and difficult. But that’s just not the case. Even in fall and winter, when fresh produce may seem a little more difficult to come by, nutrient-rich, seasonal superfoods are still affordable and available, even for tight budgets and those in low-access neighborhoods.

If you’ve got even a basic grocery store nearby, these tasty, easy-to-prepare, and, often, shelf-stable superfoods are the perfect resources to stock up the larder on the cheap. If you’re looking to pinch some pennies (and stash some quick meal ideas for leaner months), add these ingredients to your grocery list immediately.

Image by Flickr user Parker Michael Knight

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    • Wren

      Beets are also super easy to grow yourself.

    • ML

      Great grocery list additions – thank you! Not only are they affordable and have a long shelf-life, but they are also really healthy meal additions! Especially with the fall season, I love to have sweet potatoes on my meal plate. It’s neat because I just learned that sweet potatoes contain polyphenols – which are largely responsible for their antioxidant properties. Apparently, a study was performed that passed an electric current through sweet potatoes – and they found it increased the polyphenol content by 60%! You can find out more about it on the Natural Standard website – but I thought it was striking that antioxidant properties could be increased in these vegetables!

    • alex

      You’re awesome, this is a great list, I love all of these foods, THANK YOU SO MUCH!