The Worst Vending Machine Snack Choices

worst vending machine food

This is the vending machine that lives in my apartment building. You probably have a similar one in your office building, or in your apartment, or possibly in a shopping center or mall that you occasionally go to. They are also staples of airports, hotels, and centers of mass transit. And you have, probably, either purchased or considered purchasing something from one because you were so hungry thought you might pass out. But unfortunately, a vending machine is basically one coin-operated cluster of preservatives, sugar, and empty calories. Here are some of the worst choices you can make.

Of course, “worst” can be pretty subjective–some people really love the tingling sensation of MSG–and really, nothing in a vending machine is really ever optimal (unless you have, say, fruit). But when it comes to overall nutritional value, some snacks are just so bad for you, so high in unhealthy fats, so full of ridiculously unnecessary chemical additives, and so nutritionally lacking that they’re…well, they’re just the worst. Plus, many of these may actually seem healthier than the standard-issue chips and candy when, in reality, they are not.

When you’re hungry, tired, and just need a snack, it’s nice to know which, in addition to Snickers bars, to avoid at all costs. Like these, which may be lurking in a vending machine near you.

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    • mary

      I don’t find myself buying food from vending machines that often, but it’s nice to be educated on healthy options, just in case hunger strikes. I would like to add that I used to eat uncooked Ramen noodles all the time while in high school. I cringe at the thought of eating dried Ramen now. Actually, I cringe at the thought of eating anything Ramen at all.