Shaun T Got Married, And His Wedding Photos Are Pretty Adorable

Ladies and gents, I’m sorry to ruin your morning workout: But Shaun T. (of Insanity, who else?) is officially taken. He was married to his longtime partner Scott Blokker on Saturday, October 13, which he announced via re-tweet this weekend (which also happened to be the first time that he publicly came out as gay). Wearing a pinstriped suit and a huge grin at his 1930′s-themed wedding, he looked a long way off from the shirtless fitness instructor barking at thousands of fans in their living rooms. And the wedding photos are pretty adorable.

shaun t wedding photos

Shaun T.’s wedding announcement is also the first time he’s come out publicly as gay, adding to the roster of public figures who are quietly opening up about their sexuality and relationships. And, even without the adorable wedding photos, we think that’s pretty awesome. (Although we doubt it will deter fans’ obsessions.)

Congrats to Shaun T. and his husband, Scott Blokker! Here area a few more photos of the happy couple, taken from Blokker’s instagram feed:

shaun t boyfriend

shaun t gay

shaun t scott blokker

Photos: Instagram, Twitter

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    • Me minus Shaun T :(

      Both of them are so cute…Just wish It had been me Shaun T married….Dang!

    • kathaleen

      I am so Happy for them> They are so adorable I can put them both in my pocket:)… CONGRATS to both you…..absolutely Beautiful

    • Chichi Kix

      Forgive my man-candy loving ways, but that is a LOT of ‘good looking’ in one place, lol. They look SO happy-pants. Makes me smile. :)

      (It so warmed my heart that the headline wasn’t ‘Shaun T comes out’ or any other mention of his sexuality. It’s so easy to want to grab what may or may not be a controversial “headline” to bring readers in, but there’s no need (and it overshadows his big day). Kudos to y’all: it’s rare to see. Again, I’m impressed. xo)

      I think I could stare at them sleeping forever. TOO cute!

    • Anthony Setaro

      Read the full story of what went down at his wedding here-

    • Eric Hollingsworth

      Much love and happiness to you both!!!

    • Walter Thompson III

      I’m a little late here but I wanted to congratulate Shaun T. and his partner! Beautiful and inspiring! Right on and much happiness!

    • wrb

      the bible is true…the last days are upon us may God save their lost souls

    • Agnostic

      The bible is about as “true” as the earth is flat, sorry. Learn to think critically and independently.

    • Ally

      God’s word is true. People in this day and age are falling for all the sin and corruption that this world has to offer. God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. I love the person not what they do! It’s not normal to be that way.

      • otis dewitt

        um, the bible also contradicts itself.

        “And so I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but
        the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. Anyone who speaks
        a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks
        against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in
        the age to come.” Mathew 12: 31-32

      • Shelley S.

        clearly you must think the trinity is right… and that isn’t a bible teaching, But anywho shuan t and scott b are happy soooo I guess that’s all I have to say here.

      • Terri

        Exactly what is “normal” to you ally?. Your very existence is abnormal to someone else.Say that it is “Not Normal” for you.

      • Terri

        What gets me about religious fanatics such as yourself is that you pick one thing in the bible and decide for yourself what is wrong or right. Read the bible CAREFULLY and you will change your mind about a lot of things you were brought up to believe.

      • jacqueline

        Not of God

      • Loca

        The Bible does not contradicts itself, one will be forgiven if and only if you don’t return to the sin you asked forgiveness for, if you are sinning knowing what you are doing is wrong then you will not be forgiven. the Bible explain it’s self and it does not contradict, it also said men who sleep with men will not inherit his kingdom, which is why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because they would not change their ways they wanted to sleep with men, God is giving us time to change and do his will before he clean hearth because he love his children so much he don’t want any of us to die but if we do like Sodom and Gomorrah and refuse to change then we will be destroy with all the bad things.

      • Shane Jones

        Ally, take your stupid bible beating comments like Adam & Steve shit & shove it up your ass ok!! What a bitch! If you don’t like his photos don’t look at them!!

    • Ally

      He is awesome trainer but I am very disappointed that he married another man. All I can do is pray for them!

      • Katie

        Your ignorant. Is it your relationship? No. Do you have to see them together in person? No. Shut up they are not going to hell. They’re people, that person makes them happy, which is none of your buisness. I think for judging like that and saying you need to “pray” for them kinda sounds like your sinning in a way.

      • husker

        People that say all I can do is pray for my enemies are usually evil people. The saying often masks their sick twisted thoughts. They say they will pray about someone else’s life because it is a form of human control. Human control without the guilt of violent behavior. Ally, deep inside, imagines they will experience harm because of their sexuality. Probably because someone demented taught her homosexuals are sinners and evil. Perhaps this person was a closeted homosexual. Perhaps a person that is not accepted sexually. Maybe it was someone that was taught to be ashamed of sex, maybe a pervert, a sadist, a pedophile, a priest, who knows. In the end Ally probably didn’t bother to pray for them because she never intended to. It is likely her own person f off term. In another time Ally might have easily become brainwashed by the Nazi Party. Maybe not, but I would guess yes. So, Ally, what was it? Did you pray for them? How many? Was this all in one day, over a week, a year? Why did you do it?

      • Loca

        We are suppose to pray for everyone the good and the bad not because that person did something bad to you and that does not make the person praying evil because the Bible said to pray for them, the point must are missing is you are suppose to pray for the bad ones to change their ways not so something bad will happen to them, if that’s why you pray for your “enemies” which if you are a true Christian you should not have unless its Satan and his demons, if that’s why you pray then God is not the one you are praying to.

      • Pharaoh

        now now Ally… you’re not lusting after Shau-T Or his husband are you? Tsk-tsk..that’s a SIN before GOD according to your belief..

    • kiara-monique spain

      I know there in love but ur both gonna in up in HELL FOR MARRING EACHOTHER

      • Terri

        You sound sooo uneducated….. So sad.

      • Ernest Andrews


      • CDeez

        your spelling and grammar is clearly a reflection of your intellectual skills. it’s better that you educate yourself more instead of posting something that has no logic whatsoever, capiche

      • Loca

        That is not true, the Bible said that they will not inherit his kingdom but I never see any where in the Bible it said that they will go to hell which doesn’t exist by the way.

    • Keepitreal

      Really folks, who are you to judge (or did u not read that in the bible)….congrats to the happy couple!!!

      • Loca

        I agree with you but did you only read the judge part and not the part that said that men who sleep with men will not inherit God’s kingdom?

    • shanna oxley

      As long as they are happy that is all that matters .. love you Shaun T

    • otis dewitt

      shut the fuck up you so ccalled “”religious”" ppl. apparently u dont know the bible. let me teach u the way, the truth, and the life……… the only sin not forgiven is not believing. idots like you make God mad. The book is stories and only one truth behind it as said below.

      “And so I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but
      the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. Anyone who speaks
      a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks
      against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in
      the age to come.” Mathew 12: 31-32

      • Jesus saves

        Yes but you have repent and ask for forgiveness. This is not right but it is not for , me to judge them. I dont agree. All we can do is pray for their souls

      • Loca

        You are right it is not our place to judge anyone but we should not join them and keep our mouth shut about things that are detestable to God, while we will not force the truth and our beliefs on anyone but defending God’s name and his words is far more important than what others think.

      • Loca

        First of all if you want to talk about the God and the Bible you need to clean your mouth, people with mouth like yours make God gag, from what you said I can tell you don’t really understand the verse and you are wrong if you are sinning knowing well what you are doing is wrong then you will not be forgiving, if someone is doing something you know is bad in God’s eyes and you go along with it closing your eyes like you don’t see them for whatever reason or because you don’t want other to look at you wrong then my dear you will not be forgiving. go find out what sinning against the spirit or the Holy spirit really mean.

    • going down.

      love is about procreation. if we lived in a world of just homosexuals, the earth would be no more. smelling like ass!

      • Greg C

        First: there are plenty of women and men who dont have the ability to procreate…I guess they go to hell too huh…
        Secondly: if homosexuality is a mistake, then god could easily undo it…if it were a mistake that is…
        Lastly: the world is going to hell in a handbasket because people like you run their mouths about things they no nothing about and try to bring others down for no reason. instead of embracing all the ways we are alike, people like you would rather tear people down for being different. thats what is ending this world

      • husker

        Amen, Greg!

      • THIS IS WHAT I SAY, “FOR 1.,


      • THIS IS WHAT I SAY, “FOR 1.,


      • The truth

        Ridiculous. Very confused! All of yall need prayer. The devil is wearing y’all out! This doesn’t have to be, change from your sinful ways. Gays WILL NOT make it into the Kingdom of God, like it or not. Your criticizing the truth, filthy mouths nor your lack of knowledge will be able to change that! Lord forgive them for they know not what they do!

      • Eric A. Charles-Gallo

        No sex is about procreation Love is Love

    • Tina

      Congrats on your Marriage!!!!! How Wonderful for both of you! If anyone I know who deserves to be happy is Shaun T.! You have been such an inspiration to me for years! I have worked out to “all” your dvd’s and you are the BEST Motivator EVER! This week INSANITY arrives on my door step and I am so excited to get started. I will be 49 in April and I have four kids and you totally changed my life! I feel so young and happy. Marriage is a Wonderful committment. I’ve been married to my husband for 17 years. He’s so proud of me. He sees me working out and how happy it makes me. Wish me luck with Insanity! I want that Insanity shirt in the end! Thank you so much for all you do!

    • Anjali

      Love is all about caring and finding happiness, it really doesn’t matter if its comes from a man or women. I luv u Shaun T and Happy for you.

      • Loca

        So you are saying what God said doesn’t matter? because he call their life style detestable.

      • Anjali

        I will not comment on what GOD said and did not said. And Its not anybody’s bussiness to make others believe or follow it, It is their choice.
        If you dont like any of this, just ignore, and keep your believes to your self.

    • Cynic

      It is just so wrong on so many levels. Yeah, I’d probably be labelled a ‘bigot’ for my opinion, but I don’t care. I do not follow society and their changing beliefs.

      • Katie

        It’s not wrong on any level. It’s none of your buisness frankly. But you live from a different time obviously when everyone was closed minded

      • Loca

        I guess the Bible and God are both closed minded too because he said its wrong.

      • me

        No a book published by men with stories told in a language most people dont speak and then translated 1000000 times says god said this, your faith in the wrongs of man is based on religious views written a long time ago by close minded men. You should instead focus on the loving god who cares and forives all of us.

      • Calm Mary

        Man screwing man……women sleeping with women…WRONG!!..listen no matter if gays or lesbians are the nicest, sweetest people you will ever meet and most of them are. It’s wrong. Gays and Lesbians got here because a man slept with a women and procreated. It is a selfish behavior that controls your mind into believing that sleeping with the opposite sex is wrong. GET REAL…. THIS IS WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS… Its just plane on wrong.
        But it doesn’t shock me…. I new Shaun T was fruity.

      • Terri

        Why are you soooooo worried about what people are doing. It’s their lives they are living. There are child molesters, murderers, thieves etc and you are worried about what Shaun t is doing in his bedroom. WOW!!!

    • SadeSaiditAND?

      I think it is so funny that ppl who are so against gays seek them out to tell them about how they are so wrong and going to hell yada yada. You have not died and came back to know what is in store for anyone. You came in this world alone and will leave it just the same. So the one whos soul you should be worried about is your own. If you are not here to wish them well and happiness why waste your time doing anything else. Not like your words are changing anything, you’re a sinner too.. Trying to cast a stone. STFU.. Congrats Shaun thank you for helping me get my body right! And you got a cutie as does he..

      • Loca

        It is not right to seek them and tell them they are going to hell because that’s not what the Bible teach but their life style is detestable in God’s eyes the Bile said that. How can you wish someone well on something God detest? whether the words are changing anything or not it is our duty to let his word be known to all the way he want us to tell them.

    • Greg C

      We might as well let the religious weirdos have their rants (thats all they are). They dont even realize all theyre doing is turning good people away from religion and making themselves look like crazy assholes. I wish Shaun, his husband and their families all the best.

      • Adelia

        Stop being angry and love everyone like God loves us…but too bad anyway because that brother us fine….interesting because he does not appear that gay when he is working.

      • Loca

        They did and say far worst to Jesus when he was on hearth, whether you like it or not God the one who created you love Shaun and his partner but he detest their life style, you can disagree with me and even call me whatever you want but God said that kind of life style will not inherit his kingdom, if you want to close your eyes God’s words and on all the bad thing that is going on this planet that is you choice but those weirdoes as you call them is defending God’s words which is what he said to do and you should be doing, and must turn away from God or religion because they don’t want to hear the truth they can’t handle it and the bad things in the world look more appealing to them than the doing God’s will which is boring to them, if you love God truly their isn’t anyone it the universe who can stop you from doing his will you have to fight.

      • THIS IS WHAT I SAY, “FOR 1.,


    • A.J.

      As a Christian and Insanity follower, I look at this and think, “Good for you guys!”.

      I’m really happy for them. The smiles on their faces are genuine love….and God is love. When I look at the comments however, I get pretty depressed. I don’t think that we should judge people publicly for their sexuality like that, that’s about as stupid as hating Shaun T because he is black. At the end of the day, every one is accountable to God.

      Also, I think it’s hilarious how people have a problem with homosexuality via the Bible while the context of those versus also warn against eating flesh, tattoos, piercings, and sex outside of marriage or lusting while in marriage.

      In short, we’re all going to hell then. For those who eat a burger or lost their virginity as a teenager or in college, forget about it.

      Just something to thing about and process philosophically and logically instead of reading the Bible and citing what makes you feel good.

      • Jay

        ..totally agree.. these were jewish laws written for an entirely different reason the first five book of the bible. If all was well with scripture for the oncoming world..then why did Christ come? To stop the LAWS OF MOSES and the religous lies taught to the people of that era moving forward.. Christ went AGAINSt every Jewish Law written in a convert way.. what did Christ do on passover for three years straight? On the sabbath numerous times and so forth? I’m a historian and I find the bible astounding and fascinating. ..its a bible that I know is GOD’s word and is the only book that will stand the test of time forever more.

    • KY

      What a waste. Get a shot of testosterone Shaun T! Got any exercises to tighten that a$$hole?

      • GulshenMeral

        you are disgusting!!! what waste? he is hot and clearly Scott appreciates it! who the f* cares whats going on in his bedroom?? I dunno when all you ppl will learn to respect others’ life style… Get a shot of humanity and jus have a heart a little you ignorant!

      • Terri

        A waste for who. Sounds like your’e bitter cause you cant have him

    • KY

      So that’s where he learned to “tuck, tilt and tighten”!

      • Terri


      • faith202

        We are living in the last days. If God says it wrong its wrong.We all have to give an account for the life that we lived.We will stand before God.This world is full of hate and corruptions. Children and babies are not safe in this world.Grown men and women want to sleep with them. I am a grandma and I prays for my grandchildren. This world is wicked. Only a fool would say I can live and do what I want to do. America precepts and concepts were base on God Word’s. There are some God fearing people still in this country.We need to go back to God. Nobody wants to hear about God until all hell breaks loose in their life. God loves the sinner but he hate the sin. Sin will keep you longer than you want to stay. It will consume you and eventually destroy you. We need Jesus more than ever.

    • Katie

      Ally, you sound ignorant

    • Kayli

      I am all for the bible, I love it to death, it’s my life line to God. HOWEVER, you can’t come on here bashing people with damnation scriptures. Don’t you know that pushes people away? You don’t bash them and expect them to become interested or drawn into God. People need love, not ricks thrown at them. I can’t stand when people throw revelation and other verses at things that they don’t agree to. I’m sure they do things that God doesn’t like as well. Pray and LOVE. As it says in the bible ,”God is LOVE” not hate or anger. LOVE

    • Jeff

      It is true that every sin is forgiven! God already died for all of our sins! But that doesnt mean that being gay is not a sin! Just because God is a loving and forgiving God doesnt make the sin not sin!

      Lev. 18:22, “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”

      Lev. 20:13, “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them”

      • terri

        Do you know that eating shrimp is an abomination?? I don’t see any so called Christians rallying against that. I think you need a refresher course on your abominations…..

      • Loca

        Go re-read the Bible again and see what is still in effect and what is not anymore.

      • Loca

        Not every sin is forgiving and God did not die, his son Jesus did and God is the one who brought Jesus the son back to life, in now days we will not put them to death because God is the one who will deal with that part but they will not inherit his kingdom.

    • Oriyomi B. Ileyemi

      If this people die right now, i tell u they re going to hell fire, whoever believes that gay is real, he or her is the child of the devil. God is not lair, he will never allow anyone to change his words, believe me they ve few moment on earth but everlasting destruction in hell fire. I don’t care if they re looking for people to embrace them but i as a child of God will stone them to death. That is what the bible says. They re devastating nature of son of the Gomorrah and Sodom , they need to be stone to death for allowing the devil to use them.

      • Don C.

        Are you crazy? You need a serious heart check! If you really knew the word then you wouldn’t even say something like that. Wasn’t Peter and the disciples rebuked for asking Jesus to send fire down upon the people? I am not Christian as Christianity was never ordained by Christ buy man. However, I do follow Christ and my bible tells me that Christ death cover every sin past, present, and future including your ignorance to rightly divide the word of God. Judge NOT less he be judged which is the Word of God! The scriptures you refer to we’re written in the Old Testament which the bible says Christ came redeem. He took the punishment for all of our own inability to so right. You have to meet people where they are at that is why God

      • Kingdomjcis1

        Yes, Christ came to redeem and free us from sin but that doesn’t mean we should continue in sin. Yes He died for us but it doesn’t we continue in sin. According to Romans 6:1-2, “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein? Also everyone always go to the Old Testament for what God says about homosexuality but lets see what the New Testament says. According to 1 Corinthians 6:9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God?
        Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor
        effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, or in the New English Translation “9 Do
        you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God?
        Do not be deceived! The sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, passive
        homosexual partners, practicing homosexuals,

      • Loca

        Go read it again Don and ask yourself this What is the cost of sin? and if you think you can do whatever detestable things in this world and Jesus blood will cover all those future sin then you a clearly mistaking.

      • me

        Just rember who wrote the bible. Im a Christian and believe god will guide me through but not everything on paper is the word of got, but rather the word of man.

      • Terri

        How do you know your’e not going to hell????

      • bobby

        You are an idiot Oriyomi … and an ignorant one at that. Don’t go telling other people how to live their lives until you can put together a clear thought and concise and grammatically correct sentence. Just look at how ignorant the hell fire and damnation people are in the above post. It is in fact your ignorance that leads you to think like a sheep. Find the true God, and you will at least have a better shepherd.

    • miller

      As Christian we must stand firmly.. These last days we are in are going to be hard on Christians.. Because man will look at wrong being right and see right as wrong.. God said in his word that this was going to happen and it is already here.. God loves us so much that he gave his one and only son, Jesus, and Jesus died on the cross for are sins.. God does not hate gay or lesbians, he hates the sin.. God gives us free well to believe or disbeliever. To many the word of god is true in our lives and for many its just words.. But in the end we will know without a shadow of a dought but by then it will be to late for most of us.. But I believe in the word of God and his word is true…
      God Bless

    • Jon

      Emmm whats next Tony Horton’s Gay weeding?

    • Jon

      Emmm whats next Tony Horton’s Gay weeding?

      • Terri

        You cant even spell…..

    • Stephani

      You “HATERS” are just ROTTEN SOULS who are most likely JEALOUS that he has someone and you don’t , or because you can’t have him and also, if they are going to “burn in hell” as stated by many IDIOTS then so will you and the REST of us because honey, WE ARE ALL SINNERS and no one sin is greater than the other baby! SO in other words, DON’T THROW STONES THROUGH GLASS HOUSES! and also get off of your high horses thinking that your broke asses is above them! I’m laughing my ass off reading the nonsense that many of you who most likely are the BIGGEST SINNERS are trying to preach?! You “think” you know about religion, but illiterate children, you don’t. The ONLY thing that your doing is “using” the bible as a pawn hiding behind it and masking your true hatred for someone or a group of people who aren’t like yourselves, that includes sexualities, race, religion, status and your political stance, YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE BUT YOURSELVES!

      • Loca

        Say what you want and yes we are all sinners but we should not close our eyes and accept every the bad and detestable things, it is wrong in God’s eyes it is wrong in mine.

    • kaNesha

      Ally hush if they happy l.I.g we all sin the difference is not judging no man. Love him as yo bro gurl get yo life#allysad

    • lakeguy2302

      I’ve read about all of these comments and absolutely none of you have it right. All of you who have claimed to be Christian and believers in God missed the point, and all of you who have the opposite point of view also completely miss the point. Christianity is not about blanketly accepting everyone no matter what they do. Obviously you’ve never really read the Bible through from cover to cover. I have. Many times. Christianity is about loving people and showing them the better way of life and REQUIRING obedience to God’s laws. Its as simple as that. Period. Homosexuality is a sin that people are tested against just like any other sin. Period. It has nothing to do with how good it may feel or whether it makes a person happy or not. Those things are completely irrelevant. It is a sin because it disrupts the natural order of life and the world, and because of all the conflict it causes in humanity. People who support homosexuality in modern times fail to recognize the litany of failed societies throughout history who embraced homosexuality and open sexuality, ancient Greece, Rome, the Brazilian amazon women to name a few (do the research yourself), all completely erased because of their lack of adherence to a simple principle and obeying a simple command. First of all no one is born gay. That is a proven fact. Sexuality is a behavior. Behaviors are learned. Any first year psychology student at a community college could tell you that. I don;t care what the popularly accepted public opinion is. The public thinks Justin Bieber is a talented musician and singer, nuff said. Public opinion and sentiment means nothing to me. In the modern world Homosexuals/bisexuals combined make up about 1.4% of the population of the world based on the most up to date research and the admission of the founders of GLAAD that they had blatantly lied about homosexuals making up about 10% of the population (again look it up, its easy enough to find). That being said only about 12% of Gay couples said they even desired marriage whether it was legal or not. Also, homosexuals are 400% more likely to be unfaithful to their partner/spouse as well as being 1000% more likely to be a sexual offender and also 1000% more likely to be an addict of drugs or alcohol, and 1000% more likely to be a violent felon (again, just statistical facts from the FBI, you can look them up if you so choose). So quite frankly a demographic that is a 0.00144% minority of the world population who is egregiously more lacking in moral, ethical and legal character than the other 97.8% of the world population then quite frankly they don’t deserve to have any treatment on an equal plane with the rest of the world. We may be born equal but that’s where it ends. What you do determines how you are treated and NO ONE should be granted special immunity from ridicule based on ANY trait of their person. And NONE should be forced to accept something that goes contrary to their beliefs just because society says it is acceptable. Society says its acceptable to drink. I don’t drink, and i don’t hang around anyone who does drink, nor do i purchase alcohol for others. Does that make me a bigot against people who drinks? Am I a bad person because I see that alcohol has nothing good to offer society? If I am then so be it. But if you say I am then you’re a hypocrite. You can’t pick and choose which areas you want to follow the rules. You either door you don;t.None of us are equal in any way except that we are living and breathing human beings. And if any of us decides to go against the very constructs of life and families and chooses to willfully disobey one of the simplest commandments of life then I have no pity for you. You get what you deserve. Sooner rather than later the people who have been pushed around by this loudmouth, whining, crybaby minority are going to push back harder than you have ever dreamed and then things will be put back in proper order. It has already started, its growing momentum and there is absolutely nothing that can stop it. You can’t stop the truth. You can hate it all you want but it’s still the truth.

    • sarah

      It is wrong this is a whole new stick world we live in shock that he is gay I didn’t know until I googled him this people are ok as long as they don’t come on to me then im cool.but I gotta say people kill me.people feel like theres nothing wrong with being gay and I get that.they even voice their opinions about it.but it kills me when you don’t agree with the lifestyle and when people don’t belive in it and we voice our opinion its a problem. You can’t make people agree with you or change their minds about it.if we don’t agree then we don’t agree with it.just like some of yall don’t see nothing wrong with it and you guys say your opinion about it.well the ones who don’t agree with it have a right to say their opinion to.I personally think its digusting for two grown ass men to be gay its gross.and I have his insanity dvd I do it every morning. So yea I was in shock.I mean he still cool and im gonna do his workout because I brought it.but hes just idk weird to me now.and I don’t give a fuck who agrees with me or not or who gets mad at this I have a right to voice my opinion like anybody else.#middle finger up !

    • haha


    • haha

      The world is becoming more like Soddom and Gomorrah, impure sexual acts are growing and people are viciously attacking anyone that speaks out against it. To stand up for the bibles teachings in this day and age is looked at as pure evil. People would rather live like they want and do what they want with no regard to Gods teachings. Satan has found a way to to deceive people and make wrong seem right and people that stand up for what’s right get viciously attacked like those on this site are being attacked, and my post will be attacked as well, just wait and see. Those of you they doing the attacking and making the insults are no better off than the Muslim countries that murder anyone that stands up for the Christian faith, the US is slowly becoming that evil. An example is the way people in the US fight hard to keep the 10 Commandments out of Schools and Government buildings but still support same sex marriages….To all the Christians that speak their beliefs on this post continue to stand for what’s right and do not let the persecution from non-believers and atheist on this site stop you, Christians have been persecuted for 1000′s of years….

    • LovelyShuantae

      God is love. We need to walk in love and kindness everyday. We are to love thy neighbor. Innately, we know right from wrong. Sin is sin. We all sin and fall short of His glory. We must learn to pray for one another. We are all sinners but once you give your life to Christ, you are saved and given grace. Only God can make us hold. Pray for Shaun t and his husband that they will give their life to Christ. We all need a personal relationship with God. We can not be someone’s conscience or someone’s truth. Allow God’s love to do the work and try not to judge. God has the power to change a man completely. His love covers a multitude of sin. Try him for yourself and he will set you free.

    • Jared martin

      Ally i don’t agree with you because it is about who you love not who you sleep with. So I just think you are dead wrong. And as god said in the bible nothing is new under the sun.

      • Loca

        I don’t agree with you because it is about what God said and his laws.

    • Michael Taylor

      So you diversity is not oF GOD

    • Lover of Man

      I have always believed that if you are happy then GOD is happy. People on here are making statements about the verses in the bible, but have forgotten to LOVE THY BROTHER. Also no one is without sin and no sin is bigger than the other. This post is about Shaun and Scott not your beliefs or opinion. If you can’t be happy for these two people who love each other then keep your damn comments to yourself.

    • Michael Taylor

      Life manifest from moment

    • Michael Taylor


    • Diana Horton

      No no. No. No. No

    • Jay

      bible thumpers you have it WRONG again, these bible thumpers. It’s not the sin that will sent you to hell, its for not believing in the true and living GOd and his resurrect son Jesus Christ or better known as Y’ruha. Sin is sin we all SINNED ans will continue to sin even bible thumpers who think they are holier than anyone else. GOD has no respect for one sin over another sin and you can quote a scripture stating as such in the new testament.. read the scriptures you bible thumpers…and neither you or I have a HELL or HEAVEN to put anyone need to pray to keep your own salvation intact and STOP worrying about other PPL and condeming them to hell.
      Forgiveness is what CHRIST taught us that’s most important.. even to the Jewish priests Christ told them the same.. he never CONDEMNED anyone but forgave them, did he not? Mary Mag..he saved her life becuz the jewish priest wanted to stone her according to the scriptures written under moses.. and Jesus told them he came to give LIFE, to fullfil the scriptures not to condemn anyone becuz of scriptures. Wouldn’t it be interesting for those of us in heaven ans we spot someone that we knew was GAY on earth and was gAy until the day that person passed on..and know in heaven.. what say you bible thumpers then? (smh)

    • Moonsister

      Just to set you so called Christians straight, as it were, the bible was written and rewritten not by God, but by priests and other religious fanatics as a means to control people. A fifteenth century priest called Mary Magdolin a harlot. The fact is that she was a spiriutal healer-NOT a whore. This is an example of the many lies that the clergy and others from institutional religions over the centuries use to oppress and dicredit different groups of people-especially women(How the hell do you know that God is a male?) In this case it’s the lgbt community. Sexual orientation is and identity-Not a lifestyle or a passing phase and certainly not a sin. That entry in the bible about homosexuality was no doubt written by yet another fanatic to villify the lgbt community or to cover up his own wrongdoing. What’s more, you “christians” are the biggest hypocrites on the planet! You have the audacity to rant about what God wants(btw,you don’t know what God wants,) passing judgement about who is sinning, yet you conveniently break the rules to suit your own means and never focus on your own moral missteps. The bible was a book of parables meant to teach others to respect one another and do no harm-hear that christians? It’s not a tool to for pushing one’s own twisted agenda.
      So to those morons who take the bible literally word for word-don’t believe everything you read. Congrats to Shaun T and his partner

    • Bec

      Oh shut up there are bigger problems in the world then 2 good looking people falling in love and wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. Get a life and find some real problems

    • AJ

      I don’t give a donkey’s hair behind if he’s gay! I’m not gay, so I’m good! The dude got me super ripped so I don’t care. It isn’t my life! GIRLS ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!! WOOT!!

    • Reggie

      The problem here is always the same the news media can and has changed the opinions of millions of people in avery short period of time- but the issue here is simple ” IS GOD WHO HE SAYS HE IS” his opinion on marriage is the only one that counts it is called the judgement seat of Christ – on this we stake everything . Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever. Who do you say he is for on this one thing you stake your Eternity.

    • Reggie

      Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law – “Aliester Crowley” an admitted pedophile , homosexual and drug fiend his message is truly the dominant voice of this generation and it is a LIE – the oldest LIE repackaged if God is a figment of our imaginations then he was right . My question to every one will you place your eternal fate in this prophet or the prophet – priest – God Jesus Christ.