Sam Gordon, 9-Year-Old Girl, Is New Star Running Back In Boys Football League

sam gordon girl football player

The Gremlin League–a boys’ football league in Salt Lake City–has an impressive new star running back: a nine-year-old girl named Sam Gordon. Many are calling her the new internet sports sensation, partially thanks to a youtube video that outlines her 2012 season highlights (35 scores, 232 carries, 1,911 yards, 8.2 yards per carry, and 65 tackles), and features lots of great footage of the tiny player kicking ass on the field.

It’s pretty amazing (even for people like me, who barely understand football), but not just because little kids in huge helmets are on the baby animal level of cute. The girl can actually play (when she isn’t speeding past other players, she takes some serious hits for her team), and her achievements are all the more impressive given their context in such a male-dominated, still predominantly sexist sport (and not for wearing lingerie while doing it).

As Blisstree writer Hanna Brooks Olsen recalled from her own experiences, being the only girl on a football team (and one of two in the whole league) isn’t always easy. But thanks to girls like Gordon and Erin DiMeglio (Florida’s first female star quarterback)–as well as the families, teams and coaches who support them–in can only get easier. Which is a very good thing for girls and the teams who get to benefit from their talent.

Check out the video below; even if you don’t like football, I promise Gordon’s tiny little legs and giant helmet will make you smile:

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    • NickShoniker

      Its nice to see her competing and doing well, but unfortunately this will be short lived. By the time she gets to high school (if she is still interested in football) the boys will have caught up, they’re built for the game, they can pack muscle onto their frames a lot easier than girls can, and as someone who played football for 11 years, including at an american university, they can hit, and hit hard. I hope she keeps going and playing, but I don’t see her making it out of high school as a football player… speed only gets you so far.

      • Sara

        You’re probably right, but in the meantime, this is great for her and she’s setting a fantastic example for girls everywhere. And she appears to have the makings of a great athlete, whatever sport she chooses and whether or not she decides to aim for pro athletics. Although as I understand it, there have been a (very small) handful of female players in college football and the NFL. I think they were mostly kickers, but still……
        I would share your concern about a female quarterback in the middle of a game with guys who are 6 feet tall and weigh 250-300 pounds. I don’t think it’s sexist to acknowledge that in general, women’s bodies are built differently than men’s, and no matter how gifted she is as an athlete, in a position like QB, she would stand a very significant chance of getting seriously hurt.

      • Christiane C

        tell that to darren sproles… 5’6″, and lightning fast… he looks like a hobbit out there, but it’s almost to his advantage… it’s hard to catch someone lighter and shorter. they fit thru so many holes. this kid is my idol. i don’t expect my boy to play professional football one day, but he’s in year 3 right now as a 9yr old and has learned lifelong lessons in teamwork, sportsmanship, perseverance, and how to get back up over and over again. why should these be limited to just boys simply b/c of the ability to play as an adult is in question? i hope i see this kid in high school one day returning kick offs, punts, and making big plays. she’s a bad-ass ;)

      • awesomesaurasauce

        She’s welcome to start playing Roller Derby. We always love having awesome athletes male or female.

    • Maggie

      It’s unreal how fast she is! Go, girl! People can say what they want about her “not going anywhere after high school” (way to be a Debbie Downer), but as the boys grow, so will she. I’m sure she’ll be made aware of the fact that she’s smaller, but with the right training, and if she’s this good at age 9, who knows how far she can go.

    • E3

      She rocks, bottom line! Obvious that she is well coached, but SAM has already made her mark! What have you done lately? As a former player, I am impressed with her speed and heart. She plays bigger than her frame.