Dumb Things Pinterest Tricks Me Into Wanting

Much like J. Crew catalogs, recipe blogs and Anthropologie stores, Pinterest has the ability to trick me into wanting things I wouldn’t normally want and temporarily convince me I live lives I don’t actually live. Oh, of course I could use another lace-trimmed apron! And that leopard-print belt would go so good with my … nothing. Bleh. My inner Mormon housewife /1930s starlet /prima ballerina and fashionable steno pool gal go so underutilized. Why I don’t I make macarons? Or wear house gloves? Why, Pinterest, must you remind me of all my untapped potential?

Fancy nail art.

So pretty, such a waste of time. I will not contribute to the tyranny of nail art.
[I knew it had gone too far when I saw, like, three women's health blogs cover how to give yourself a 'candy corn manicure.' Grown women should not have nails that look like candy corn.] {photo via}

To make macarons.

But I *do not* want to make macarons, because they require precision and patience and time. Really what I want is to eat macarons, look at pretty pictures of macarons, and maybe buy the occasional Barnes & Noble bargain section book about macarons.

A giant birdcage.

For swooning, obvi. {Photo via}

A tub that looks like this.

Yes, it has claw feet. It's also covered in rust and practically public. {photo via}


But I can't have puppies. {Photo via}

To take a dance class.

Because BALLERINAS. Ugh. So lovely. Possibly able to levitate.


Just kidding.

To make these molasses cookies.

Because you're not fooling me, those are just bigger macarons.

White gloves

Practical. Totally practical.
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