Latest Internet Meme, Milking, Proves How Irresponsible And Wasteful Some People Are

Have you heard of “milking?” Neither had we until we saw this video, which for some reason, has gone viral. It’s the latest Internet craze that has stupid people doing stupid things in the name of attention, but this one surpasses them all.

Not to give it all away (because surely, you’ll want to waste two minutes and 45 seconds of your day to watch this), but the “milking” video starts out with a college student in England walking into a grocery store to purchase a gallon of milk. Then he proceeds to walk out the door and dump the entire carton over his head.

The only thing that’s worse than one guy doing this is multiple students joining in on the madness and doing the same thing–pouring perfectly good milk over their heads as they’re walking down the street, getting off a train, popping out of garbage cans and even eating cereal.

There are so many things that are plain maddening here, it’s hard to know where to begin. The most obvious is the pure waste that’s happening here. Perhaps these students don’t realize that there are an estimated 925 million hungry people in the world right now. That’s 925 million. Any one of them would surely be grateful for some fresh milk right now.

Then of course there is the ignorance and disrespect given to the cows who gave us this milk. There have been numerous accounts of dairy cows that are violently abused just so we can have milk to drink (which is not even nutritionally necessary anyway). How about telling those cows that they were beaten, stabbed, punched and neglected just so a bunch of ignorant students could pour their milk all over themselves.

The reason for all of this waste and irresponsibility? Because it’s, uh, funny, of course, says one of the students Tom Morris when speaking to Cosmopolitan:

We were just in our kitchen talking about doing it outside Starbucks in Jesmond and thought it would be really funny. We did that, uploaded the video to Facebook and got a load of likes. So then we thought why not just make a video?

Here’s an idea to all of the dumbass college students who think this is funny: Go a week without food and see if you and your starving friends still think it’s hilarious when people dump milk over their heads. Or spend a week at a dairy farm where cows are abused and see how funny their milk is then.



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    • Jeff Thompson

      So then, why are you propagating the meme with your story? I know it may be an easy story to write, but the way to protest things like this is not by reporting on them.

      • Deborah

        Not true. Generating awareness is the key to generating change–or at least making people think more about their actions. The answer is not to sit back and continue to allow things like this to happen without educating people as to why it’s wrong and getting others to think about the consequences…

      • Brian Chicksaw

        Where did you hear that from? Do you really believe everything your told?

    • Rebecca

      Careful boys, your privilege is showing!

    • right.

      we must put a stop to this before the whole world starves! oh wait, the ideas are totally unrelated because the milk they are pouring over their heads was never going to end up in the hands of starving people around the world. Unfortunately.

      • Bruce

        Um, there are starving people right here in America. In fact, one in four children are struggling with food insecurity. That’s 17 million kids alone, some of whom wake up hungry, go to school hungry and go to bed hungry. So yes, this wasted milk could be doing some good for other people in any country because many grocery stores donate their about-to-be expired goods to shelters for people in need.

    • Adam Smith

      Milking was stolen from