This Disturbing Photo Of Anne Hathaway On Les Miserables Set Is Why Weight-Loss-As-Acting Is A Terrible Trend

Anne Hathaway Les MiserablesAnne Hathaway‘s Les Miserables weight loss was disturbing on a lot of levels, but a new photo of her from the production shows just how scary the trend of weight-loss-as-acting has gotten.

The photo, which was actually featured in an article about Isabelle Allen, who plays Anne Hathaway’s daughter, Cosette, in Les Miserables, shows Hathaway smiling, but looking emaciated and sick. [Click here to see the photo.] Which was the whole point of her losing the weight, but…it’s still shocking to see a celebrity’s 25-pound weight loss when it’s not retouched and glossed over by a magazine. (Even the photos that came out today of Jared Leto looking gaunt for a new role, which are disturbing enough, reap the benefits of studio lighting; I’d bet money that he looks even less healthy in real life.)

Although Hathaway seems to have achieved the goal of looking like a woman on her death bed, we’re still not convinced that extreme dieting and withstanding weeks of food deprivation should really be considered “art.” And yet, it’s becoming an disturbingly common trend for actors and actresses to become skinny versions of themselves for a movie role, and then publicize the movie with news about how they lost weight and what kind of extremes they put themselves through to transform their bodies.

Gaining or losing a little weight for a role might be easy for some, but not eating for a month–or subsisting on a diet of ‘dried oatmeal paste,’ as Anne Hathaway claims she did–is a terrible idea for anyone. And, with the technology available in film these days, the only reason anyone really has to do it is the pressure to conform to Hollywood trends. But starvation shouldn’t be entertainment, whether it’s self-imposed or not.

Photo: Jean Catuffe,

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    • mm

      that picture is terrifying

    • VanCan

      So an actress who’s playing someone who is emaciated and starving looks emaciated and starving while on the set of the film and you assume she’s actually emaciated and starving? Not just in makeup? Oookay. And that modern technology you’re talking about that can make actors look bigger or smaller costs thousands and thousands of dollars. It’s not perfect, either, and if you screw it up, it can take away from the entire film. My friend is a VFX artist and spent a month erasing an actor’s double chin from a movie because this big name star didn’t want to lose weight. This wasn’t cheap and it wasn’t in the original budget. You don’t just push a “skinny” button and voila! Until that button’s invented, actors will diet, pump iron, dye their hair, and whatever else it takes to physically match a role.

      • waffre

        So true. Also, I’m not sure what makes Briana think that actors radically changing their bodies for a role is a “trend,” there’s nothing new about it!

    • Trish

      All the on-set photos have all the actors in costume and makeup. We can’t see Anne’s costume because of her coat, but since the little girl is in costume, I’m going to assume that Anne was in costume as well, and that includes the makeup to make her look like she is dying. So….kudos to the makeup department!