7 Grossest Things Found In Fast Food Meals

grossest things found in fast food list

Happy Monday! Here’s a roundup of the most disgusting things ever found in fast food to remind you to steer clear of your local burger joint this week. From needles to maggots, the gross gang is all here (including the nose ring found in a McDonald’s breakfast burrito this weekend and the screw found in a Moe’s burrito. Not a good weekend for burritos, apparently).  Is it concidental that no fewer than three of these yucky examples are courtesy of the Golden Arches? I think not.

Photo: Reddit user vyqz

Serrated Knife In A Subway Sandwich

A man found a serrated knife in his Subway sandwich in 2008. Not only disgusting, but dangerous!

Dead Mouse in Au Bon Pain Salad

A woman in Minneapolis found a dead mouse in her salad from Au Bon Pain. They're one of the better fast food options, in my opinion, but EEK A MOUSE!

Screw in Moe's Burrito

Reddit user Vyqz found a screw in his burrito from Mexican fast-food joint Moe's. Apparently he finished eating it and also scored some free queso, but I think I'd be scarred (screwed?) after seeing that in my food.

Maggots In a Big Mac

A Melbourne, Australia man found maggots on his Big Mac. SHUDDER/GAG/EVERYTHING GROSS. Photo via Flickr user Johnsember

Nose Ring in McDonald's Burrito

As a nose ring wearer, I'm pretty horrified. Those things just don't fall out...and if they do, YOU NOTICE.

Bloody Band Aid in Cheeseburger

A man in Rathdrum, Idaho found a bloody bandage in his McDonald's cheeseburger earlier this year. Photo via Flickr user Juanpol

Needles in Burger King Burger

Scary! Army Staff Sgt. Clark Bartholomew filed a lawsuit against Burger King when he found needles in his burger. One pierced his tongue and another was found in his intestine. Photo: Shutterstock
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    • Jason Mangrum

      Oh my! is this for real??? Jesus, hoping it will not happen to others, especially children loves to eat in most fast food chains. http://www.almostsuperhuman.com