Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Healthy & Green Gifts For Under $25

cheap christmas gifts under 25

When you’re on the hunt for cheap Christmas gifts (or Hannukah gifts, or white elephant gifts), it’s easy to turn to standards like chocolate, cookies or mall-bought body sprays and candles. Don’t. You can give something unique no matter what your price range, and we found you 25 great Christmas gift ideas to prove it.

We found 25 cheap Christmas gifts that come in under $25 and are green gifts and healthy gifts–everything on this holiday gift guide is eco-friendly, non-toxic or in some way health and fitness oriented, so you can feel extra good about your giving.

We hope they get you inspired!


For your favorite co-worker? Adorable, eco-friendly & BPA-free lunch packaging. Made of professional-grade stainless steel, the ECOlunchbox set includes a sandwich tin with room for sides and a small cup with a leak-proof lid.

Tokyo Milk Perfumed Shower Gel

Tokyo Milk's perfumes and shower gels are made with natural ingredients and "unexpected essences crushed and distilled." The company describes this perfumed shower gel -- No. 26, Wisdom -- as having "frangrance notes of water lily, woods moss, walnut, winter musk." GET IT HERE, $21 for 5.5 ounces

Illume Holiday Candle

Illume Holiday Candles are cute, cheap and made of a 100% natural blend of soy and beeswax. These candles burn clean (15 hour burn time) with a fresh, woodsy scent and say either 'cheer,' 'joy' or 'happy day." Perfect for 'hostess gifts' and secret Santa exchanges. GET IT HERE, $10. Or, for $20, the Illume starlet candle has a 50 hour burn time and comes in a deco-inspired ceramic jar, in either Woodfire & Balsam or Cedar.

Bacon Candle

For your friend who's still not over bacon products: Eco-friendly soy wax candles handmade in Tennessee.
Writes the candle maker on Etsy: "Each Bacon candle is 16 oz of 100% Soy wax, Premium fragrance oil and an organic, natural wick.... all wrapped joyously in a 16 oz paint can. This is MY way of showing you that I DO understand the love of bacon and woud like to contribute to your enjoyment of it. In a continuing effort to support the farming community our candles are made from 100% natural and renewable soy wax. Non-toxic, clean burning with measurably less soot than other waxes when burned correctly they are virtually soot -free. If a spill were to take place you can rest easy with the knowledge that hot, soapy water will clean the mess."
GET IT HERE, 19.95, 16 oz.

Cast Iron Skillet

A kitchen classic for a reason, cast iron conducts heat better than any other material. Home cooks can always use more skillets and cast-iron is basic enough not to clash with other kitchenware & timeless enough to fit in modern or kitschy kitchens. GET IT HERE, Lodge Logic 10-inch cast iron skiller, $16.99 on

Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic Soap

For beauty product obsessed friends who like to be up on trendiest ingredients in skin-care, you can't go wrong with probiotic soap (anything with propolis or omega-3s in it is a good bet, too). This probiotic soap, created by award-winning microbiologist Iichiroh Ohhira, is made with plant extracts fermented with probiotics and coconut oil, with no fragrances, deodorants, preservatives, chemicals or artificial colors. GET IT HERE, $9.49

Travel Yoga Mat

This reversible travel yoga mat from Gaiam is lightweight enough to fit in a carry on!, and can also be used over a regular mat for increased grip. GET IT HERE, $23.98

Crazy Sexy Kitchen

Crazy Sexy Kitchen: 150 Plant-Empowered Recipes to Ignite a Mouthwatering Revolution. For the novice vegan or anyone who wants to cook more plant-based food. GET IT HERE, $17.46 on Amazon.


For your cocktail fanatic friends: A bottle of Fernet. An Italian bitter liquor, Fernet is made with tons of saffron and is so hot right now in bartender & hip restaurant circles. GET IT HERE, $24.95

Exfoliating Pumpkin Peel

This exfoliating pumpkin peel from MyChelle Dermaceuticals is free of phthalates, parabens, fragrance and artificial colors. GET IT HERE, $16

Whole Living Magazine

Magazines are great gifts because then the recipient will think about you all year long! And also becaues magazines are awesome. Whole Living is a health magazine that does a pretty good job of avoiding either fitness mag cliches or overly-cutesy momaphernalia. Give a 1-year subscription for $15.

Stache Balm

Stocking stuffer: Stache balm is handmade with shea butter, vitamin E oil and avocado oil and great for conditioning or waxing mustaches and beards or using as aftershave. Burberry scented (citrus + sandalwood + "woodsy notes"), it also be used on dry patches of skin on the elbows, fet, etcetera. GET IT HERE

Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap

Dr. Bronner's classic liquid soap is the best for cleaning everything from your dishes to your face, and peppermint is the perfect scent for the season. GET IT HERE, from $2.99 (2 ounces) to $16.99 for 32 ounces for the liquid soap, or $4.49 for a bar.

Flax Oil for Ptes

For health nuts who also really love their pets: Flax oil for animals. Because pets need omega-3s, too! GET IT HERE, $12

Ginger Lip Shimmer

Stocking stuffer: Ginger lip shimmer, handmade with raw, unprocessed shea butter, meadowsweet oil, beeswax, mica and organic ginger oil. GET IT HERE, $5

The Laundress Delicate Wash

) - - For someone who won't think it's weird that you're getting them laundry products for Christmas (sister, maybe?), this delicate wash from the Laundress is great. It smells fresh and can wash your silk, lingerie, hosiery, etc., in the washing machine without harm. GET IT HERE,$19 (16 fl.oz bottle)
Photo: Matthew Ryan

Beehouse Teapot

Beehouse teapots are adorable, Japanese-made, single-serving teapots. Each teapot holds 15-ounces and comes with a removable screen infuser and stainless steel lid so you can microwave the teapot. GET IT HERE, $24.95

Almond Oil

Almond oil smells lovely and is incredibly nourishing for the skin. Aura Cacia almond oil is cruelty-free and made from 100% natural ingredients with no synthetic fragrances or colors. GET IT HERE, 5.99 for 4 fl.oz on

Kitchen Essays

For the bookworm & foodie, Kitchen Essays from Persephone Books. Period piece food writing at its finest. Written by anonymous London Times food writer Agnes Jekyll between 1921 - 1922, these essays include titles such as "'Tray Food' and 'Sunday Supper'. GET IT HERE, $14.95 "

Marvis Mint Toothpaste

Stocking stuffer: Marvis classic mint toothpaste, in a travel size tube. The classic Italian toothpaste has whitening power, cute apothecary style design and a pepperminty flavor. GET IT HERE, $6

Cinnamon Chai Soy Candle

The essence of a steaming cup of chai in a 100% pure soy wax candle. GET IT HERE, $6

Propolis Soap

Swiss-made propolis soap from Baudelaire Apiana is nourishing, deep cleaning and antiseptic. Plus propolis is so hot in skin care right now. GET IT HERE, $8.99

Dark Chocolate, Chai & Chili Pepper Bars

Organic dark chocolate bars (60% cacao) with chai spices & Mayan chili pepper (and no-GMO or atificial ingredients). These bars were winner of the International Chocolate Salon (yep, that's a thing) 2012 Grand Master Award. GET IT HERE, 5-pack for $19.99 on Amazon

Absinthe Perfume

From Nevermore Body Company on Etsy, this handmade absinthe perfume oil is an aromatic blend of star anise, fennel, spicy cinnamon cassia and nutmeg, with "hints of amber and woods." Vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and made with skin nourishing vitamin E. GET IT HERE,

Lavender Milk Bath

This organic lavender milk bath soak can soothe & nourish both skin & your nerves -- and it comes in eco-friendly reusable glass bottle packaging. GET IT HERE, $10.50

Photo: plain j body and home

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    • Larry

      I doubt there can be anything healthier than a basket of fruits. The only problem is that they cost these days more than 25 bucks. Check out this one with apples: It costs nearly 40 bucks, which is way too much just for a bunch of apples.