Customers Called ‘Fat Girls’ On Restaurant Receipt

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Photo: ABC News

Oh look, more evidence to the already obvious reality that fat-shamers feel comfortable enough with their bullying to do it publicly: a bartender named “Jeff” at Chilly D’s Restaurant in Stockton, CA, typed in “Fat Girls” as the name of a table with three female customers. The receipt, which lists three sodas and three orders of tri-tips with fries total $25.50, shocked the women.

“I got the bill, I was looking at bill [and] I was like, ‘Why does this receipt say ‘fat girls?’” said customer Christine Duran. Naturally, she questioned the deplorable–not to mention passive aggressive–comment. The manager, however, was apparently unreceptive to the (extremely justifiable) complaints of the customers; according to Duran, he “had like a smirk on his face, like it was funny but trying not to laugh.” Because fat shaming is hilarious!

As many people would, the women declined to pay the bill, even after the restaurant offered both a 25% discount and eventually a 50% one. Apparently, the establishment thought it was doing them a favor by reducing the bill; instead, the gradual monetary pseudo-apology just makes this manager seem even more out-of-touch with how unprofessional and rude this incident was.


I mean, really? Really?

Other upper management seemed to be more inclined to apologize (possibly because of all the negative publicity fat-shaming can do to a business), with the owner of the Cameo Club Casino–where Chilly D’s is located–Maggie Lewis apologizing in a Facebook message for the treatment Duran and her friends received, calling it “intolerable in our establishment.”

Co-owner of Chilly D’s, Jimmy Siemers, said, “I just want to tell them we’re sincerely sorry and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure this never happens to anyone again.” Well, I think he can start by firing “Jeff”; personally insulting customers seems to be a condonable reason for dismissal.

[ABC News]

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    • healthnut

      If these woman were truly humiliated then why would they even allow themselves to be seen on television crying ‘boo hoo’? They are looking for money and they should be ashamed of themselves! So the truth hurts? Fat is not attractive and has caused many health concerns! They should accept the apology of the restaurant and get on with losing weight! They are all extremely FAT and this should be a crime! I have no sympathy for the obese who cost us millions in healthcare! They eat more than what they should and most definitely not healthy choices if they are eating at Chili D’s! Stop feeling sorry for getting a taste of reality ladies! Do something about your weight and maybe you won’t be ‘bullied’ for what happens to be the truth! Wonder how different it would have been to see ‘Skinny Bitches’ on their check instead? BTW! They should all three read the book ‘Skinny Bitch’ and get a clue on how to eat right! They are so disgusting and are way too fat to be attractive!

      • Bob Robbins

        Shut up you nattering waste of skin. They should be ashamed of themselves? Your ego and your finger pointing is what is shameful. Why don’t you post a picture of yourself so we can all point out your physical flaws, dumbass.

      • mitavittuadimitri

        Shut up, Bob Robbins. You are wrong. These “fat girls” just should deal with it that they are fat. Even if it reads on some receipt. Sometimes I just wonder what the fuck is happening in this world.

      • jammu

        hyvä dimitri xD

      • mickey16

        You’re such a waste of living and breathing space. Stop taking up out dwindling resources and kill yourself already. Compassion goes a long way you dirtbag.

      • Hannah

        There was never any question about whether or not they’re fat. But do they deserve to have it written on their check? By someone they’re about to PAY for a service they went in for? No. You missed the point, healthnut. This isn’t cool.

      • Renee

        Wow your a real piece of work your a cruel excuse for a human being.Your mother must have never taught you about compassion for others.

      • James

        I guess its all right to insult this guys Mother.

        Renee, as most of us you are a hipocrite.

    • Physically perfect specimen

      Please post a full length photo of Jeff, the bartender at Chilly D’s. Despite his truly prestigious job, he may have a physical flaw or two I would like to rip apart.

      • Samantha_Escobar

        I think I love this comment.

      • Handsome McHugecock

        Great laugh! Thanks.

    • Fabel

      Not that it makes this better in any way, but maybe the server didn’t know that his insulting descriptor would show up on the receipt? A lot of waiters DO name their tables to make it easier for themselves while running food…it doesn’t always show up on the receipt. One time, I saw “black couple” on my receipt (my boyfriend & I are both white, but we were wearing all black)

      • Fabel

        And again, this situation is really terrible, but it’s written like the waiter was purposely bullying the women—I’m not sure that’s the case.

      • Hannah

        That’s a good point, Fabel.
        I think the term “fat shaming” is used a little too liberally on this site. Merely describing someone who’s pretty overweight as “fat” is just a description, not shaming. It actually makes it a lot better if this Jeff guy didn’t intend for them to see it, but given the way management handled it, it doesn’t seem that way.

    • Tonny

      There fat and stil order coke and fries maybe now they wl go on diet

    • Doc Gorham

      Really? Fired? You expect a lot from others that you apparently don’t expect from yourself. You’re compassion apparently is a one way street.

    • canchita

      Wait till the describe someone as teenage girl with pimples.

    • Donald Fuck

      The fact that THIS is worth national attention is pathetic. I guess the Lindsey Lohan story was getting old.

    • Sydney bLOCK

      it is what it is. that look like obese manatees.

    • #1: this is not news. #2: they ARE fat…he was probably just trying to make things easier for himself and didn’t realize they’d see it. #3: have you BEEN to Stockton?? If you have, you wouldn’t be surprised. #4: sorry but those women seem SUPER tacky, and so I don’t think they’re emotionally “scarred” like they said in the news report. I think they want attention. If someone wrote “fat chick” on my bill I would be far too embarrassed to go to ABC about it. Furthermore, they know they’re fat I’m sure, they order soda and fries, they’re sort of living up to the stereotype. He was being descriptive, he wasn’t fat shaming.

    • Eva

      They are fat. It is a “distinguishing” trait they all shared in common that made it easy for anyone to identify them in a busy restaurant where they found their own table after ordering at the bar. I guess ‘bald gentleman’ or ‘mother with 2 kids’ is now also going to be cause for dismissal. The FAT comment is only on what was obvious in order to easily identifying them and get them their food while it was still hot. He didn’t say “three pigs” Jeff’s remark was not judgmental, it was just a fact. But I guess we are all so sensitive in our society that even stating the obvious has become grounds for dismissal… or worse… because we’ve grown so litigious… for a law suit. Stick to your New Year’s Resolution exercise plan… and be identified as 3 pretty Mexican girls… oh wait… you could get fired, or sued for that.

    • Eva

      Bob Robbins has multiple personality schizo-affective disorder. hahahaha… look how often he posts the opposite of what he said previously. lol

    • Karina Perez

      Samantha Escobar is just another hack writer with a lack of critical thinking ability. What has happened in this country that has led to this deplorable lack of critical thinking in our citizenry? Is this what an education in the U.S. has come to? The comment Jeff made was not meant as an insult, nor could it be insulting if it was not intended to be offensive… How can a statement of fact, be an offense? As Eva said, is ‘bald man’ offensive? or ‘mother with 2 kids?” Are these terms not merely descriptive? Ms. Escobar might be a fat Mexican girl herself. Would she have been happier? Would everyone have been happier if he said

      • Karina Perez

        Would she have been happier? Would everyone have been happier if Jeff had said Big, beautiful girls? or BBG? I guess from now on it would be wiser to develop a restaurant code… based on initials… to identify patrons who might feel upset about the truth.

    • Realistic

      These chicks are not only fat but dumb, because now you can Google “Stockton Fat Chicks”. Being fat is not a disease, it’s a choice. You can choose not to be fat, have a salad.