9 Horrifying Holiday Recipes From Pinterest

Pinterest is funny: On one end of the recipe board spectrum, you’ve got foodies and health nerds pinning kale and chia seed salads alongside artisanal granola bars and gluten-free truffle muffins. On the other, the general aesthetic seems to be “creative ways to assemble processed food.” And as the holiday season escalates, Pinterest seems more full than ever of gross recipes. In just one perusal of the general “Food & Drink” Pinterest boards yesterday, I turned up …

Gorilla bread … From the Queen of gross food, Paula Deen, gorilla bread consists of a tube of refrigerated biscuits smothered in sugar, cinnamon, butter, brown sugar, cream cheese and walnuts.  (Via)

Bacon Wrapped Lil’ Smokies With Brown Sugar and Butter … Yes, that’s right — meat, wrapped around meat, baked in a pool of butter (in case there wasn’t already enough saturated fat in this dish) and sugar. (Via)

Not to be outdone, of course, by this Mini sausage wreath … (Via)

Candy bar dip … Cream cheese, butter, confectioners sugar, brown sugar and chocolate chips. What could you possibly be dipping in this? Fruit, at least, I hope? (Via)

Christmas Morning Cheese Danish … Pillsbury crescent rolls layered in cream cheese, eggs and sugar and covered in sugar and milk. (Via)

Dorito Chicken Casserole … “The most work is that involved in this casserole is cooking and shredding the chicken,” writes its creator. No shit. That’s because the other ingredients are snack chips, canned soup and packaged seasoning. (Via)

Cake batter blondies …Why use processed cake mix to make cake when you could also add heavy whipping cream, white chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles to make these? (Via)

Cinnamon roll cookies … Just some flour, butter, sugar, cream and eggs covered in butter and sugar covered in cream and sugar. (Via)

Biscuit Doughnuts … Why are Pillsbury crescent rolls and biscuits such a popular base for gross recipes? This one calls for taking the (already not so great for you) Pillsbury biscuits, tossing them in sugar and then frying. (Via)

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    • Claire

      Not gonna lie, those cinnamon roll cookies look delicious. I gagged a little bit at the bacon wrapped sausages though, ehk.

      • Somnilee

        I quite like the look of the Dorito whatever-it-is.

    • Momo

      I’ve had gorilla bread (and it’s cream cheese-less cousin, monkey bread) and it is amazing., Good for you? No. But delicious nonetheless.

    • http://www.facebook.com/elchert Jaymee Ann

      I don’t find any of these dishes particularly horrifying. Should you eat them on a regular basis? Probably not. But, there is nothing “horrifying” about indulging in a few decadent foods around the holidays. There is so much food guilt associated with the holidays. We’d all be better off, both physically and mentally, if we enjoyed our favorite treats without guilt or reservation.

      I have particular problems with the cinnamon roll cookies being included in the list. Yes, I can understand your aversion to processed foods. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING horrifying about eating a cookie made from all natural ingredients.

      As a recovered anorexic, this article disgusts me.

    • Candace

      Ew no yuck. Youd have to pay me try any of these.

    • Louisa

      Good manners dictate that you should never call other people’s food “gross”. Also, I don’t find anything terrible about these recipes. They may not be to my taste but to each their own. This article just makes the author look snobby and judgmental.

    • korie

      I think the use of the word “horrifying” is a bit out of line. These aren’t horrifying, although they are extremely unhealthy and for the most part unappealing (to me personally at least). Pinterest is supposed to be a place for people to share things that interest them. If someone shares a holiday recipe that is high in fat/sugar/processed ingredients, well we can assume perhaps that person and her family enjoys that recipe during a holiday meal. It may not be healthy, but I think calling it horrifying is very judgmental.
      Had this article been labelled “9 Unhealthy Recipes From Pinterest” I think it would be accurate, it would still get the author’s point across and it would put fewer readers on the defensive.

    • Slutface

      These all look amazing.

    • Elaina

      Anyone who finds nothing wrong with these recipes is someone who only cooks this kind of garbage. America is the fattest country on earth & this is why! And no, it’s not a matter of allowing yourself some decadent foods now & then. That is fine! But if you’re going to eat cookies, make real cookies from scratch. Have a piece of real cheesecake. Don’t take processed “foods” roll them in sugar & butter & cream cheese & call it a new recipe. This stuff is absolutely DISGUSTING.

    • Jenna B.

      There are like 10 comments here & 8 of the people think these recipes look amazing? LOL. As a chef, these “recipes” are appalling. This isn’t real food, people. You are killing yourselves & your families. Shame on you.