12 Days of DIY: Easy, Sweet-Smelling Body Spray

 diy body spray

Welcome to Day 6 of Blisstree’s 12 Days of DIY. We’re sharing new ideas for homemade holiday gifts and DIY decorations each weekday through December 20. Today: body spray!

Looking for an easy, all-natural DIY holiday gift? This project is cheap, versatile, and ridiculously simple. A body spray like this one is the perfect little stocking stuffer for your mom, sister, friend, roommate or anyone else who likes to smell great (and let’s be real: isn’t that everyone?). The best part about this is that you can tailor the scent based on the recipient’s tastes and personality (and this is the kind of DIY you can make long after the holidays are over…think lighter floral scents for spring or beachy ones for summer).


  • small 2 oz spray bottles
  • witch hazel
  • water (preferably distilled)
  • your favorite essential oil

I used these simple 2 ounce blue glass bottles from Abundant Health and one of my favorite fragrance oils, Zen Rain from Kuumba Made. You can use any small spray bottles or essential oils you’d like, though; this would be a great project if you happen to have any unused TSA regulation spray bottles lying around. You could even try a combination of oils: citrus with lavender, cedarwood and rose. Experiment and see what you like.


Step 1. Assemble your materials.

Step 2. Pour water into the spray bottle until it’s just over halfway full.

Step 3. Pour witch hazel on top of the water, until the bottle is mostly full.

Step 4. Add a few drops of your essential oil. Put the top on, shake it up and spray—if the scent needs to be stronger, add a few more drops. Depending on the strength of your oil, you should use anywhere from 10-30 drops.

That’s it! You also could add cute, custom-made labels or write on the bottle with Sharpie so everyone knows what scent it is. Just make sure you shake every time you spray.

Photo: Carrie Murphy


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    • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.robinsoncomer Shannon Robinson Comer

      I tried this. It smells like witch hazel no matter how much oil I add.

      • Felicia

        I made some yesterday for my daughter, with the same results. Keeps smelling like witch hazel. I’ll check again today to see if I can smell the essential oils.

      • http://blisstree.com/ Carrie Murphy

        Try using more water. It should be about 3/4 water and 1/4 witch hazel. The one I made for this tutorial back in December still smells great, so it might take a bit of trial and error!

    • Linda R

      I made some and it smells wonderful i used about 20 drops of jasmine oil and 20 drops of geranium oil thanks for sharing