Meatless Monday: 10 Vegetarian Curry Recipes To Warm You Up This Winter

vegetarian curry recipe
When the weather outside is frightful, a lot of us turn to big plates of warm comfort food to stay cozy. But you’re missing a key ingredient that keeps you warm and healthy during the winter (even on Meatless Mondays): Vegetarian curry recipes. Curries contain turmeric and spices that boost your immune system and improve circulation; both are very good things when you’re battling cold weather and cold season at once. To help you make curry your new favorite comfort food, we found ten amazing vegetarian curry recipes that you can use anytime you want to stay meat-free (but not comfort-free).

Dose up on these immune-boosting, body-warming vegetarian curry recipes this winter:

Savory Curry Granola Recipe

Curry recipes don't usually call breakfast to mind, but this savory granola is full of curry paste and spice. This is definitely one of the most creative ways we found to incorporate curry. GET THE RECIPE, via Kale Eats

Tempeh Curry Recipe

If you're all about the curry but missing the protein, try adding tempeh. You might not go back to chicken, even when it's not Meatless Monday. GET THE RECIPE, via

Spicy Carrot Curry Soup Recipe

This healthy curry soup recipe is on the lighter side, so you can get all the warming benefits without feeling heavy after you've eaten. Bonus: it's totally vegan (and totally creamy). GET THE RECIPE, via Fork Knife Swoon

Okra in Coconut and Yogurt Sauce

Our mouths are burning just looking at this recipe. The good kind of burn. GET THE RECIPE, via US Masala

Sweet Potato and Fennel Vegan Curry Recipe

This vegan curry recipe is full of great fall vegetables (and even cranberries), paired with an awesome curry sauce to make it even more warming. GET THE RECIPE, via Healthful Pursuit

Mixed Bean Curry

Beans are staple of vegetarian diets, but they can get oh-so-boring without the right recipes. This curried bean soup is a great way to spice things up--literally. GET THE RECIPE, via fuss free cooking

Eggplant Pumpkin Peanut Curry Recipe

This thai curry is rich, flavorful and full of veggies–to make it vegetarian, just skip the fish sauce and use a little soy sauce instead. GET THE RECIPE, via She Knows

South Indian Vegetable Curry Recipe

Don't let the long list of ingredients overwhelm you: This South Indian curry is totally worth the teaspoons and half teaspoons of spices it calls for. GET THE RECIPE, via VoraciousVander

Curried Sprouted Quinoa Pilaf Recipe

Curry powder gives sprouted quinoa–and a slew of flavorful vegetables–a kick that will keep you warm (and healthy) through winter. GET THE RECIPE, via Coconut and Quinoa

Tempeh and Kale Tikka Masala

We love any recipe that incorporates kale, but rarely does it get to share space with so much spice. We can't wait to try this one at home. GET THE RECIPE, via Vegan Richa


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